17 People Recall The Creepiest Thing They’ve Seen On The Internet

I feel like absolutely everyone could answer this question, because there are too many creepy pockets on the internet to count – or probably ever even find.

That said, most of these replies go above and beyond your everyday “ick” factor, so if you’re going to keep scrolling, consider this your fair warning to gird your loins.

17. Well that’s horrifying.

When I used to browse the hellhole known as 4chan I came across a crazy green text story. Some kid ran away from home, found a place for the night and slept in his sleeping bag. Woke up to what he thought was homeless guy pissing on him and chased him off.

When he stopped and smelled himself he realized that the homeless guy was pouring gasoline on him. Still creeps me out to think about what could have happened.

16. Unsettling for sure.

Years ago I came across a website that was just a collection of links to unsecured camera feeds. Webcams, baby monitors, security cameras… basically anything with a lens and WiFi capabilities.

Apparently most people never set up their devices properly and just leave default passwords or none at all, and this website was just trawling through the internet finding them all.

15. I’m guessing nothing.

Recently, a video posted on a local news FB group (Extremely southern Mexico) of people driving around, stopping, and calling a random person up pretending to ask for directions then shooting them right in the forehead. I only saw them shoot 2 people before I noped out but the video still had several minutes left. The post only said JAJAJAJAJAJA..

Also, waaaay back when, when limewire was a thing I was trying to download a movie, and it ended up being a video that repeated over and over of a solider cutting another soliders head off with a big pocketknife, while 2 other soldiers were kneeling on the victim to keep him from fighting back.

The gurgling noise as the knife entered his throat, and the blood instantly gushing from his mouth as he tried to breath is something I will never forget. They were all wearing the same uniforms.. I sometimes still wonder wtf that guy did to deserve that.

14. Back in the day.

Rotten.com back in the day.

13. Probably not by accident.

Prior to Rotten.com , (showing my age) I once googled masks, for Halloween. The image search came back with one picture that scared the hell outta me. It was a woman, completely nude except for a face mask, and had been gutted with entrails hanging free.

Best I can figure, it was a crime scene image that got posted online by accident. I was 15.

12. It would mess me up, too.

I watched Luca Magnotta kill his BF but when I watched it, it was uploaded to a horror site by him and everyone thought it was a really good special effects. I don’t get spooked much but I stopped watching when he started stabbing the corpse with a ice pic or something.

A little while later I found out he was on the run and that video was a real person he murdered, it messed me up for a while.

11. Oy.

The browser history of my father

10. Beware, all.

A website that broadcasted millions of private security cameras of people houses who had no idea that their security camera was just on the Internet and they could be watched during all hours.

9.I hope it was fake, too.

I was browsing trueoffmychest or relationship advice when I saw post that talk about the person stepsister being pregnant. I read the post it goes something like this:

OP has a stepsister and a stepfather. The stepsister was caught kissing a boy. The stepfather became incessantly angry about it and started “punishing her”

He then details about the rape. Like hearing his stepsister begging the father to stop. Then it stop. Every time, something bad happen, he will rape her. OP posted because she gotten pregnant. Asking for advice.

Most of the commenters tell to the teacher, counselor, or authority. He gotten his answer and promptly deleted his post.

For some reason it always stuck with me. I don’t know really why. It may be fake but I hope they got the stepfather to jail.

8. Creepy for sure.

I’m going to go with creepy, not horrifying or even f’d up.

I can’t remember who it was, but back in the day on YouTube a man posted LONG videos of himself just sitting and looking straight into the camera with a smile, not a single movement the whole time. Always a live feed.

One day someone broke into his home DURING the live show, and actually ended up leaving without stealing anything because the guy didn’t react at ALL. Just sat there, wide eyed and smiling at the camera.

Thinking back as a thief that would scare the heck outta me.

7. Unsurprising.

There used to be an old US State Senator (IIRC or US some politician) who kept a website up of all his “s*xual accomplishments”. not just the ones he had s*x with but he actually marked that he “finished inside” them. These were mostly poor women from Bangladesh, Sri Lanka etc where he did a lot of “humanitarian work” and goodwill to build up his political career.

The website layout had photos of the women like a roster layout for a fighting game character selection screen and he wrote profiles for each one and described in graphic detail what his experience was with them. He even bragged whether they kept the children that he spawned with them. Some of the women looked pretty young but the age range was pretty wild, some are obviously teens but some women are in their 60s.

The website was up around the late 90s-early 200s, I don’t remember his name so if anyone remembers that guy, please respond. I’ve been trying to search for it but to no avail. The politician was an old creepy looking white guy. This was pre-MySpace and I remember somebody just sent me the link via ICQ and went viral through that.

6. Mirrors are always creepy.

Those “ghost showing up in mirror“ YouTube videos. To this day, I’m still scared to walk past mirrors at night sometimes.

5. It creeped us all out.

What is that one game from like 25 years ago whose servers never went down and only had one player for like ten years, just typing messages to himself?

That creeped me out.

4. Thanks, I hate it.

This picture of mickey mouse that was added to my DSi’s wallpaper.

I have never owned or known someone that owns a mickey mouse plush. I do not recognize the area, wall, chair or anything in the picture. I have not lent my DSi to anyone. It just appeared one day when I opened it. It creeps me out and I still question how could this have happened.

3. Back away slowly.

I was once on 4chan and ended up with someone arguing over the fact that the Xbox controllers looked better than the one of the PS4. IDK anymore how it ended, but when i got an email later with my address and IP address… Things got real creepy. Luck for me, I had a VPN on, so the guy thought I was in the USA.

I knew that this was possible, but experiencing it from first hand… is something different. But seriously, why are so many ppl so emotional? I mean… we argued over CONTROLLER DESING??!!

Fun fact: the VPN I had connected itself automatic to the US thanks to the default settings, so I didn’t even activate it manually 😀

2. Let’s hope it was staged.

Back in like 2008 there was an ARG (I hope) that basically had you enter in a specific google query, hit the “I’m feeling lucky” button, which would take you to a modified google page, where you’d enter another specific query, and it would take you to a page with a link to a live streaming webcam of a girl in a white padded cell. As far as I could tell it never looped. You’d check back an hour or two later and there’d be a puddle in the corner of the room where she I guess had to relieve herself.

Been very difficult to find any mentions of it 10+ years later, so I don’t know how else to describe it.

The webpage had some secrets and I think one link sent you to some generic organization’s website where there was a login (but no way to get an account) and some general information about what they did.

1. This made me lol.

I was shopping online for golf clubs 15 or so years ago. Back then Dicks dot com was not Dick’s Sporting Goods.

I’m officially scared of the internet again. Might force my kids to become Amish.

If you’ve got an answer to this question that belongs on this list, feel free to traumatize us further in the comments!