17 People Share Movies So Bad They Just Couldn’t Finish Them

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Some movies are just so comically bad that it’s amazing they even got made in the first place. Who gets to approve these things? Were they actually asleep during the pitch meeting?

If you need a little distraction, this Reddit thread lays out some of the downright horrible movies that people started watching, but just couldn’t bring themselves to finish.

1. Just so, so bad.

“Going Overboard.

Adam Sandler’s first movie. It’s amazing how it didn’t end his career before it started”

— Yoguls

2. But seriously, what was up with the CGI in this one?

“Last year’s Cats.

I lasted 30 minutes and then I immediately left the theater.

Human faces on roaches creeped me the hell out, as did whatever else I saw in that time frame.”

— Bonana86

3. Even Mom couldn’t make it through this one.

“My mom recorded Tyler Perry’s A Madea Family Funeral the other day because that’s just how bored she is.

She doesn’t even like Madea.

I sat through the first five minutes before I couldn’t take any more.

A while later she finished it and told me ‘…yep. Madea still sucks.'”

— FecusTPeekusberg

4. When you walk out of the theater after paying for a ticket, you know it’s really bad.

“The Mummy 3.

I loved the Mummy series and Brendan Fraser is awesome but my god that was a hot pile of shit and the only movie I ever walked out of in a theatre.”

— nalhutta

5. But the book is always better than the movie!

“50 shades of Gray.

I was out as soon as she walked into Christian s office and tripped over NOTHING.

Cause, you know, she s just so quirky and clumsy.”

— psychocookie81

6. Oooooh burn.

“About 75% of the movies that I start watching on Netflix.”

— Upsizethis

7. Why do they have to try to “improve” something that was already perfect?

“The Robin Hood movie from a year or so back.

The bad guys have machine gun crossbows.

It’s fucking bizarre.”

— StAUG1211

8. Well, that’s one way to make it through a bad movie.

“In college I had a roommate who likes shitty horror movies.

She picked the second one to watch, me and a few other friends turned it into a drinking game with the rule ‘Any time you’re disturbed or something doesn’t make sense, drink”.

We were all blasted less than half an hour in.'”

— ultimateanswer42

9. Aw, now that’s kinda sad.

“When I watched Toy Story 3 for the first time when I was about 7 yo there was a part where this monkey thing that screamed into the camera, that thing haunted me for months, it’s obviously ok now, but at the time I immediately stopped the movie and never watched it again”

— bendyboi64

10. Nope. Nope. Nope. And nope.

“Human Centipede.

Fuck that film. I lasted about 40 mins before I noped the fuck out.”


11. Wait, aren’t movies supposed to help you escape reality?


Once I realized the whole thing was gonna be on a screen I headed out of the theatre.

Watching it at home a year later I managed to get through it.”

— gorperino

12. Life is short after all.

“Noah with Russel Crowe. Gave it about 10 minutes then me and the missus looked at each other.

“Maybe it’ll get better”

“That maybe is doing a lot of work”

We gave up when the Twisted Rock Creatures just casually arrive and nobody bats an eyelid, or even explains them.

It might get better, but I’m 40ish, so only have a few decades left, and don’t want to risk wasting the hours required to watch this again.”

— portalamnesiac

13. Um, this one is pretty self-explanatory.

“Every pornographic movie I ever started”

— kozuma08

14. We can’t imagine why that would be bad.

“Jurassic Shark.

Got a Shark-Movies DVD Box as a joke birthday gift from my bf. Made her watch it all with me. Got through all of them but Jurassic Shark was next level bad.

Fun evening though.”

— seemslikenoonecares

15. And then there’s this Redditor, who just can’t stop watching.

“I envy people who have the ability to walk away from bad movies.

I just gotta finish even when they’re shit.”


16. Ah, the joys of parenthood.

“The Emoji movie.

It was almost a parody of every CGI kids movie.”

— AEW_superfan

17. Again, you might as well not even go see the movie if you loved the book.

“Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief.

Huge fan of the books but couldn’t make it half an hour into the movie. Literally walked out of the theatre.”


What’s the worst movie you’ve ever seen? Was it so bad that you turned it off or walked out of the theater?

Let us know in the comments!