17 People Share The Best Game They’ve Ever Played

There is a lot of serious stuff going on in the world today, and it can weigh heavy on our shoulders if we spend all of our time focused on the bad.

Games are a great way to relax, unwind, and just have fun with the people you love – so if you’re looking for new ones to try (in person or virtual), these 17 people are sharing their favorites!

17. Never loved a game more.

Fallout: New Vegas

I never loved a game’s lore more than New Vegas.

I still hear their voices when I think of some lines and it’s been years since I’ve played.

16. He never gets sick of it.

Knights of the old republic, there are better games but this is my favourite i can never get sick of replaying.

Scared of how theyll treat the remake but im up for it

15. Best story out there.

portal 2

best story and puzzle game out there

Portal 2 is a brilliant example of environmental storytelling. All the story is told through what you do in the game.

That’s how games should do storytelling imo. A game with a cut scene every 30 minutes isn’t a storytelling experience. It’s a (probably substandard) movie sold packaged with a game.

14. Twenty years later.

AOE2, still playing this 20 years after it was released.

And then also Rome: Total War and Medieval II Total War. Endless hours of campaigning.

13. It will change your life.

Kerbal Space Program

That s*%t will change your life. It’s a game but is sneaky and teaches you things like problem solving, trying and failing until you succeed, and physics.

Downside is that all space movies will now send you into a rage with their inaccuracies

12. Close to flawless.

Chrono Trigger. All of the gameplay design elements are close to flawless.

The story is integrated well with the gameplay, and it is simple enough of a plot that it can pull off complex themes along with interesting narrative devices.

Not to mention the soundtrack, an unrivaled combination of talent for its time, and a slew of other things. I can probably talk about how great this game is for days.

11. It deserves more recognition.

Titanfall 2 i still think it deserves more recognition.

10. Bonding with dad.

Star wars battlefront 2 on my ps2.

I used to play for hours at my grandmother’s house and sometimes my dad would even join in

9. Just a classic.

Zelda ocarina of time, just a classic 🙂

This was the 1st game I beat with 100% completion. I absolutely love this game.

8. Go in blind.

The Outer Wilds.

The less you know going into the game, the better. Just don’t confuse it with The Outer Worlds, which is a very different and unrelated game.

I’m passively trying to forget Outer Wilds so I can play it again. I made the mistake of reading a guide after getting stuck like halfway through. I can not emphasize this enough, do not read what to do from a guide, it completely breaks the game.

I heard there was some new DLC as well, I need to check that out.

7. It made them cry.

Probably Nier Automata. Nier is just so incredible.

Only games I’ve played that made me cry.

6. Evening nostalgia.

There was a neighborhood game of ‘manhunt’ I played on a late summer evening, maybe a week before school was going to start.

I can remember the smell of the evening dew on the grass.

There were about 20 kids playing and for the first time in my life I wasn’t scared to crawl through this drain pipe that a creek went through in our suburban NJ neighborhood and I executed a team jail break and we won.

Then we grilled hot dogs and at s’mores.

(Edit: It was actually Manhunt, not Flashlight tag. Commenter below reminded me of the name. We had flash lights because it was dark.)

5. Perfectly balanced.

Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne

4 races, perfectly balanced, endless fun

4. Those carefree days.

One of my favorite childhood memories was playing Capture the Flag with my cousins growing up.

I have a big family, and at the larger parties we had about 15 or 16 cousins all playing, with the back and front yrds split roughly down the middle. We rotated who hosted, so each house had different good hiding spots and escape routes for each team.

It was the most strategic yet physically challenging we played together, like a real life online match where you never have the same team twice.

It was the most fun I ever had at a family party before I got old enough to drink in front of the adults.

Damn I miss those carefree days…

3. All of the versions!

Spyro the Dragon

Was stoked when the remastered versions came out

2. Way back when.

When I was growing up I played this game called Grim Fandango that was so weird and kooky.

Never found anything like it since.

1. Humorous and charming.

Banjo & Kazooie will always be one of my favorite games. The game is humorous and charming but knows when to play it serious. It’s the only game I’ve gone out of my way to not only ready all the dialogue, but get extra tidbits of information like from Grunty’s sister.

In terms of platforming it’s not the best, games like Mario 64 are a lot better in that regard but the sheer wit, charm, character, atmosphere, and music in Banjo & Kazooie is so dang memorable and their reception in smash despite not getting a new game since iirc 2008 is a testament to how beloved the N64 games were.

The Diablo II remake also reminds me of how perfectly addicting that game is. Is it a little outdated in some areas? Sure, inventory space and potion management can feel tedious at times and melee hit detection is a joke but all Blizzard had to do was give it a fresh coat of paint and the game still feels so damn addicting. (A shame they can’t seem to figure out server stability at the moment.)

I’m going to put a few of these on my wishlist for sure.

What’s your favorite game? If it’s not on this list, drop it in the comments!