17 People Share Their Reasons For Being Kind

There has been a big push in recent years to encourage people – adults and children alike – to choose kindness whenever possible. To be clear, sometimes it’s not possible and we also need to be able to stand up for ourselves, but listen. Being kind whenever possible can really make the world better for everyone in it.

These 17 people are looking for ways to choose that path when they can, and below they’re sharing their reasons for making that choice.

17. To be happy.

I personally just run on empathy, besides that being kind is the closest I feel to genuine happiness…..

At least for a few seconds.

16. Because why not?

No reason not to be.

There’s a difference between being kind and not being an a$$hole.

You can be neutral and indifferent and not be an a$$hole. Being genuinely kind however, is a conscious decision.

15. You’ll walk lighter.

because it make others happy and makes me feel like a good person

14. Love starts within.

I went through a lot of trauma. I turned into a very angry and bitter young man by my early 20s. I hated myself and everyone around yet I felt so much pain.

I was told that if I wanted to be happy I’d have to learn to love myself and be kind to myself, because love starts within. It’s easy to be pessimistic, it’s hard to be kind. But I wanted to be a better person.

Now I try to treat everyone with kindness. I honor my younger self and all that pain by treating others how I wish someone would’ve treated me.

13. The Golden Rule.

Why not be kind? The world would be a much better place if we were all kind and respectful to others. I’m kind because I was raised that way.

I also treat people how I wish to be treated, and I wish for people to be kind to me.


12. It’s easier to feel good.

Being kind makes you happier- it’s easier to feel good about your actions if you are kind. I never regret being nice to someone- I do often regret when I lose my temper.

And putting kindness out in the world tends to get you kindness back. People are more willing to help you out and do favors if they like you. They’re willing to cut you a break if you have a good relationship with them- it’s just easier and better all around.

11. A simple but powerful quote.

Today you, tomorrow me.

10. Why make life harder.

It’s just easier.

As a reformed Terrible Person I can vouch. Life is so much smoother and easier when you’re not actively giving people reasons to hate you.

9. The way we were raised.

I was raised to try and be kind to others.

It’s nice to help people or make someone smile. I’m far from perfect, and I have my mean spirited or irritable moments, but I do try and do my bit to make the world a better place.

I tend to feel anxious if I think I’ve upset someone or caused trouble, so on a self-serving level, being kind makes life easier. I can sleep better if my conscience is clear. Plus, if you’re kind to people, they’re more likely to help you or treat you well.

I’d also rather people genuinely liked and respected me than appease me because I’m intimidating or rude. On the surface, unkind people might seem popular, but how loyal are their friends? Does their family enjoy having them around? Mean or arrogant people are often just used because they use people.

Their “friends” often aren’t true friends; they only stick around when they can gain something. People bitch about rude people behind their back. It’s all phoney. Who wants fake relationships? I’ll stick to my real friends and the family members I’m close to.

8. To make the world a little bit better.

The world is s*%tty enough for us all, I want to be part of what makes it worth something.

7. It’s genetic.

My dad was kind, I don’t have a choice.

6. It’s simple and free.

When I was young I decided that I was going to devote my existence to making the world a better place no matter the cost.

Being kind is a simple and free way to do it.

5. They’re always watching.

My kids learn from my actions.

4. To be a light in the dark.

There’s not enough good in the world, I should be the light in the dark.

Life is hard as f**k. The least I can do, as a human being, is to help out or share whatever knowledge I have to make someone’s life a little easier.

If everyone did this, life wouldn’t be so hard or suck so bad.

3. They don’t want to spread pain.

Grew up pretty s*%tty and was super violent, angry and overall an asshole. After a while a gentleman pointed out my actions and how they make people feel.

He helped me realize I was just spreading the pain I hated so much. He also helped me realize what it feels like to make someone genuinely smile.

So I learned the difference and noticed I’m happier and do better when I’m kind.

2. There’s too much hate in the world.

There’s too much hate.

Mental health issues have increased dramatically over the years and if my kindness can save them from being pushed over the edge, then that’s great. If it can make someone laugh or smile, or even just have the tiniest bit of faith in humanity restored, it’s worth it.

Everyone goes through their own battles, I don’t want to be just another barrier for them to stumble over.

1. Don’t pay it forward in the wrong way.

Violence never ends violence. It only extends it.

I think these are really solid reasons and I hope they’re working out for people.

What about you? What are your reasons for choosing kindness? We’re all ears in the comments!