20 People Share What They Think Is Really Good Advice

People are always happy to give advice, whether or not you’ve asked for it, need it, or want it at all. Most of it goes in one ear and out the other, to be honest, especially if it’s not something you requested, and much of it isn’t good or applicable anyway.

Some pieces of advice are quite good, though, and we should take heed – and these 20 people think you should pay attention to these few tidbits.

20. It’s worth the investment.

if you can afford it, get a quality therapist. even just a few months of therapy can be incredibly valuable. it is surprisingly liberating to talk to someone who will not judge you and is trained to ask you questions to identify the roots of your personal issues.

make sure to read a couple articles about red flags before you hire one, there are a lot of therapists who are business people first.

19. Take care with your email.

When sending emails, especially sensitive or private ones, enter in their email address LAST.

Write email drafts in a word processing program. Transfer to your email client later.

18. Do it regularly.

Check your smoke alarms.

17. They have to want it, too.

You can’t fix people. You can only help them to fix themselves.

People can change
People rarely change

16. You only get one set.

Take care of your teeth.


15. Keep taking those steps.

Keep moving forward, no matter the pace. Take 1 class at a time in school. Eat just one vegetable a day if that’s all you can manage. Read one page of a book everyday. Put $1 in your savings every paycheck if that’s all you have.

It’s the habits that create the change. Over the decades these small steps will be meaningful and you’ll slowly develop the habits you want.

14. Solid thought.

If you feel like texting an ex, masturbate first and see if you still think it feels like a good idea.

13. I mean because they are.

Drive as if everyone else on the road is a complete idiot.

I hate when you keep a safe following distance and people angrily pass you. Only to end up stopped in traffic directly in front of you a mile down the road.

12. You can never really undo either.

Don’t get pressured into getting married/having kids.

11. Wait until things settle down.

Never make permanent choices when in a highly emotional state.

After I had my son and I thought “you know what I need??? Bangs” so I cut my bangs and ended up looking like Nikki Sixx for a few months.

10. Go outside your comfort zone.

“In order to get something you never had, you have to do something you’ve never done.”

9. It’s a whole package.

Don’t buy land during low tide.

When my parents bought our house they visited a house that was near a flood risk zone.

They chose our house further in the land after a few visits, but a few years ago the neighborhood epthe had visited 20 years ago was completely flooded due to the tides.

People need to realise that even if that’s a beautiful house, the danger of the land should be taken in count.

8. Don’t trust anyone.

Change the locks immediately when you buy a new house.

I have a really good realtor and they always pay to have a locksmith there when you move in to rekey the locks.

7. An important reminder.

Act from love not for love.

6. Don’t give too much to your job.

No matter how much you love your job, it won’t love you back.

5. Love yourself.

You’re the only person thats gonna stay with you for the rest of your life, everyone else have the choice and ability to leave.

So try to give credit to yourself more, you got through all those hard times and picked up after yourself thanks to yourself.

4. Death of ego.

Learn ‘death of ego’. Don’t argue, show genuine interest in others’ views, engage them in discussion (you can always realize that they’re idiots, but keep that inside and be kind).

If you instead hold your opinion as absolute, you will find it hard to change and learn when presented with better facts because you’ve argued to be right and nobody wants to admit they’re wrong, so stay humble or be humbled as they say.

3. Be grateful.

Learn to appreciate what you have.

Things can ALWAYS be worse and they can ALWAYS be better no matter what.

2. Take some deep breaths.

if you feel like sending a mean text, wait an hour or two. the feeling usually passes and can possibly save a relationship/friendship

1. No one will care as much as you do.

Focus on your own mental health.

Building off this: mental health is never your fault, but it is your responsibility.

I can see the value in many of these, can’t you?

What’s a piece of advice you’re glad you received? If it’s not here, share it with us in the comments!