17 People Share the Random Slight That Still Burns Their Britches

Everyone knows that holding onto insults and rage and generally letting grievances fester for too long is not the path to happiness (or living without antacids).

That said, there are just some things you can’t let go of, no matter how much time passes.

Things like these 17, which honestly, I’m kind of mad about now, too.

17. Why are people psychotic?

Twenty years ago I had three friends show up at my house and when they left my wallet with $80 in it was missing. One of the guys felt bad and gave me $20 back.

Three years after that we are in the BK drive thru and he whipped out my wallet. Still salty. His FB friend request has just been sitting there for like two years.

16. I would still want to know who!

When I was in high school someone tagged up the school. They announced there would be a reward for anyone who rats anyone out.

I get called in the office and find out I’m suspended for vandalization.

I didn’t do it and had no idea who. 4 days later I’m allowed to come back to school because they found who actually did it. I just got an apology.

15. What can you do?

Like 12 years ago, a friend of mine brought his friend to my house. My phone went missing at some point, he was the only person there that I had not known for half my life. He tried to blame it on my siblings friends, but didn’t realize that he was the only one there who didn’t consider our house a 2nd home.

I ended up getting someone I knew to tell him she lost her phone and she got him to offer her my exact phone but at some point he must have realized what was going on and he ghosted her before she could buy it back for me.

Like 6 years later he tried to come back for a party and I told him to get lost. Still mad.

14. In the days before Alexa…

Me and some others in primary school were saying the biggest numbers we knew of. Everybody was saying like 100 thousand and a million and then I’m like “a trillion”. And they refused to believe it was a real number.

13. Of course it did.

Came second in food tech competition. Made a lovely main course then Langues de chat biscuits with lemon posset for dessert.

I made this dessert because the judges prior to this day told us “don’t make a cake for dessert”

Guess what won first place? A f*cking cake.

12. She’ll never know the stress she caused.

On a fourth grade math test we had to make a shape that had only four sides, one set of parallel lines, and only ONE right angle (there were probably more requirements but I cant remember).

I remember almost crying at my desk and spending 20 minutes on that one question while constantly telling my teacher that it wasn’t possible but according to her it was.

And the next day we went over the answer key, and the answer had two right angles…

11. What a horrible person.

I was probably 5 years old visiting my mom at the hospital after she gave birth to my brother and she was given food on a tray which she didn’t want so she gave it to me.

I put the tray on the table and as I was eating, the nurse takes the tray away from me and throws away the food.

That may have my first true instance of anger in my life. I’m 27 now and I’m pissed as I’m writing this haha.

10. When your parents really suck.

When I was in high school, I was occasionally allowed to drive my family’s third car. It had a slow leak in one of the tires, so we were all supposed to check the pressure and put air in it if we needed to.

I picked up a friend to go to a movie, and when we came out one tire was completely flat. It wasn’t the one with the leak, so I put the spare on and drove home.

I got absolute hell from my parents about it. How irresponsible I was to not check it, I’d have to pay for the repair, why didn’t I call roadside assistance, etc.

Took it to get fixed, repeat the whole lecture as we’re dropping it off, and the tech who did it called my mom and told her he’d found a nail in the tire and there was no way I could have seen it coming.

She refused to apologize and I still had to pay for it.

9. Oooh man that hurt me.

I found a bongo next to the trash at my old apartment and it was a perfect time capsule of the 90’s. it had grateful dead stickers, a smiley face holographic sticker, a pot leaf sticker, and alien. i’m telling you if someone made this as a prop for a movie about the 90’s, I would have told them that it’s too on the nose.

When i came home from work the first thing my GFs friend said was “You’re welcome” and I was like “What?”. She had peeled off ALL of the vintage stickers and now it was just a boring trash bongo. I’m still mad. Don’t touch my sh%t!

8. An honest mechanic is worth their weight in gold.

Being charged $1000 for a battery an alternator change. They also destroyed my starter motor in the process and rounded a bunch of my bolts. They left tools in the engine bay.

I don’t even have that car anymore and I’m still salty.

7. That does not seem right.

When I was a freshman in college my mom gave my car to my jailbird brother (every time he got out she’d scrape a bunch of stuff together for his “fresh start”) without ever running it by me.

He showed up to my school, changed the battery for me, and then drove away in it. He didn’t tell me his intentions beforehand so it wasn’t until then that I caught on. As he drove off I called my mom and she just said “I’ll help you with a new one.”

He moved out of state with that car, wrecked it within weeks, and has since gone back to jail multiple times. Neither of them have given me a sincere apology to this day

6. I am really mad on this woman’s behalf.

3 months ago I went on maternity leave. The woman hired to cover for me was being paid 3 dollars more than I’m currently paid.

She was going to be kept on as a full time accounting assistant after I returned, but she couldn’t keep up with my daily tasks and completely messed up several databases that I had to correct when I returned to work the following month.

When I asked for a raise, they offered me .50 after telling me how crucial I am to the structure of the company.

Needless to say, I’m looking for a new job.

5. $10 says mom was drinking.

When my mom put my sister’s name on MY birthday cake.

Later that night I also walked in on my parents getting their freak on.

Pretty horrible way to turn 13.

Still angry.

4. She knew it was in the dictionary!

In fourth grade English class (EU) I’ve used the word “gross” in a random sentence we had to write.

The teacher argued that it isn’t a real word, I said that it is, that I saw it a few times in video games and movies and she said that they aren’t a reliable source.

I said to her that I’m gonna show it in the dictionary, but she instead grabbed me by the arm and took me out of the classroom and locked the door.

To this day I am still fuming about this. And then she had the nerve to be all chummy when I met her once in a supermarket. Gross.


Our wedding photographer left part of their lens cap on so every photo is shrouded in a massive black ring. No good photos from the wedding.

2. Nothing he could do.

In a 5th grade science test the question was, “Are there any stars in the solar system?”

I answered, “Yes”.

Teacher marked it wrong.

I went up afterwards and said, “What about the Sun?”

He said, he meant that all the other stars are not in our solar system and kept it marked wrong.

Although I am harboring this for 50 years now, he was all-around one of the best teachers I ever had and just passed away a week or so ago.

But d*mn, that should have been marked “right”.

1. So many stories of teachers not believing their kiddos. Boo.

That my 6th grade teacher refused to believe I had no idea the dude sitting behind me was copying my answers on the test.

It’s okay to be low-key salty, y’all, just don’t let it take over your life!

What slight is still eating at you after time has passed? Sound off in the comments!