17 People Share Their Age, And What Problem They Have That’s Currently Making Life Hard

No matter what stage of life you’re currently in, there are bound to be troubles. Some ages are easier to manage than others, but if there’s one thing every human being knows for sure it’s that you can never tell when a huge challenge might be right around the corner.

These answers from people across the age spectrum will really drive home the point, because no matter what your age, you’ll need to figure out how to hit a curve ball or two.

17. We’ve all been there.

I’m 23 and right now my biggest problem is figuring out what I want to do with my life.

I feel pressured to know what I wanna do since I graduated college earlier this year

16. At least they’re aware.

I’m 28 and I’m still my own biggest problem.

15. It’s all in how you look at it.

Hey kids, I’m 68. Recently divorced after 40 years and I’m starting a new life and it’s amazing.

You can too!

14. You don’t have to figure it all out.

25, money and carreer issues, mental illness, lack of friends.

13. Not a half-bad solution.

66; intermittent mouse turds in the kitchen as the weather turns cold. Must be time to foster a mouser that doubles as a lap warmer.

12. Our worst nightmare.

27. Our two year old was diagnosed with cancer last month.

11. So many glasses.

54, and the thing that does my crust in more than anything else is my eyesight. My lenses have hardened to the point where they simply don’t focus anymore.

I literally need 4 pairs of glasses of different strengths to hand, depending in where I need to look.

10. You can’t keep pretending.


Accepting that I’m getting older and not physically the same as I was in my 20s.

I just threw out my neck by looking at my cat when I was waking up.

9. Nobody cared.

15, my father died a year ago from brain cancer and nobody cared.

And still nobody cares, and that made me and still makes me feel lonely and sad.

8. A legend.

I’m 71, and I can jump as high as ever. I just can’t stay up there as long.

7. One of the hardest things.

I’m 26 and my dog has just been put to sleep, I miss him so much already

Thanks everyone for the kind words, I really appreciate it!

6. A bag of s*%t.

39 and I uncontrollably poop in a bag glued to my stomach. “But [Tralan], isn’t the terminal cancer your biggest problem?” you might ask. No, it is not. I will take life threatening cancer any day over the bag of s*%t.

Last night, it decided to poop two bags worth while I was asleep. This, of course, broke the seal of the bag and I was covered in about a pound of my own feces, along with the sheets and blanket. My wife took care of that while I got in the shower to clean up.

“Can’t you just hold it?” Nope. All those muscles are down closer to my regular a$$hole. So it just farts and poops whenever. And it seems to hate having a fresh clean bag. It knows when I’m all cleaned up, because it just has to take a dump in my new bag.

I hate every aspect of my colostomy. There is nothing redeemable. I feel like a grotesque monster, which has affected the performance of Mr. Peeps. Every time i get hard, I remember the bag of s*%t and just go limp again. I can’t look at my wife without feeling wretched about myself, despite her reassurances.

I can see the outline of it through my shirt, so I hate my picture taken. I have to bring extra colostomy bags and shopping bags (to get rid of it) everywhere I go, just in case I fill the bag while I’m out and about.

“Be thankful! It saved my grandma’s life and I gladly change hers because it means she’s alive!” Good for her. I’m in my own personal Hell.

I hate poop. I always have. So it’s a bitter Cosmic irony that I have this. If I ever kill myself, it’s not because of the cancer, but because I can’t take the colostomy

5. That’s definitely a lot.

35. I’m going through a divorce.

Also raising 4 kids, recovering from breast cancer and halfway through nursing school.

4. A few things.

34… um… I don’t really know. Loneliness? Nonexistent social skills? The super expensive repair on my car? I’d say everything is going rather good.

3. That sounds rough.

39, my wife spending too much money when I’m trying to be frugal because I’m unsure of my future income.

Also a serious back injury that I’m trying to overcome.

2. She’s never leaving.

36F. We are now day 55 into the 14 day visit of my SO’s sister.

Edit: So I took the dive. Nearly sicked my lunch from the anxiety but!

Opened with “If we’re not sending your sister to Hawaii, I’ve got gift ideas for Christmas, for all our niece’s and nephews” ( 7 kids between the ages of 8 to 17) between the both of us.

SO, responded in the affirmative she’d talk with her sister.

SiL, will instead travel to their mothers for a visit out of state on the 11th. Stay with her till January then we’ll pay for her Hawaii vacation then.

1. Military life can be tough.

24 and while military life has many benefits, the deafening loneliness and isolation are some of the most mentally straining emotions I’ve ever experienced.

You move every 2-4 years so RIP social circle, if your single you have to move all by yourself (so much stress in just the act of moving, let alone by yourself), if your overseas you now have a culture barrier to cross, if your away from home have fun sitting in your lonely house during Christmas, Thanksgiving, ect. Making friends with all these barriers in the way just makes existing exhausting sometimes.

I hate to hear about people’s troubles, but it does make our own lives feel more normal in some ways, too.

How old are you? What’s your biggest challenge right now? Let’s talk about it in the comments!