17 People Share Their Predictions For 2022

Unless you believe in psychics, you likely don’t put much stock in predictions about the future. That said, it can be fun to imagine what might be coming down the pike.

Then again, nothing about the past couple of years has been fun at all, so we want to be careful when challenging the year to come (if you ask me).

Other people don’t believe in the consequences of challenging the universe (apparently), and if you feel the same way, check out these 17 people’s predictions for the future.

17. We might be on the downhill slide.

Honestly my hopes are higher for 2022. By the end of it we will hopefully have some shred of normalcy again.

We’ve had a rough couple years but it was predicted to be over by 2023/24.

16. These feel like safe bets.

Common sense will be less common.

People will keep eating unhealthy.

15. We will deserve it.

Harambe returns to destroy us all with his sidekick Left Shark.

14. More self-centered people.

Unfortunately more people taking their own lives.. Technology and social media are destroying children’s minds and capability to maintain organic relationships and love is not patient anymore.

People are more self centered than ever before.

And to everyone reading this: You can help stop it. Remember the human and never treat others as disposable. And get off Insta and anywhere else that commoditizes your worth.

13. There’s always a price.

Hyperinflation gets worse and interest rates will rise rapidly.

Then again, maybe we need interest rates to rise. Getting .5% annual for a CD is absurd. People forget that whatever you’re getting on a CD or savings account, inflation will be higher, and you’re still losing money.

My mom saw this in the ’70s and early ’80s. Sure, she got 11% on her savings account, but her first mortgage was 12.5% in 1978, and inflation was 14% by 1980.

Bottom line, rising interest rates follow rising inflation, and you’ll never get ahead with a savings account or a CD. Best you’ll do is break even.

12. You mean we’re not already?

North American consumers about to get ripped off really badly.

Here comes the inflation demon.

11. The sarcasm is strong.

increased taxes. governments around the world praising themselves and asking citizens to make sacrifices to cover the deficits they made through their decisions. good times ahead.

10. More than we already have?

Coronavirus will still be a thing in 2022 and eventually everyone will just say “F**k it!” and throw away most of the precautions they have been taking.

9. Another stressful year.

Few more covid variants, back and forth restrictions, that make no sense because governments don’t know what they are doing anymore.

Have to get booster shot that might work with new variants but they’re not sure.

Another stressful year.

The Queen might unfortunately get sick and or pass away, also a couple older celebs maybe one young.

Things get more expensive but higher ups still won’t do anything to help.

8. I need to do some research.

The Tsuut’ina Nation, Stoney Nakoda Nation, and Siksika Nation near Calgary bringing up issues about non-reservation related urban development around them if they haven’t already.

7. It might be coming.

One step closer to civil war or totalitarian takeover of the US. It’s too clear.

I think enough people are now realizing that their votes don’t actually do anything or change anything for the better. Complete lack of faith in the institutions we call ‘democratic and free’ will lead to one of two things – fascism, or something better than what we have now.

I’m not optimistic.

6. Does it, though?

The rich get richer, poor stay poor, middle class erodes away, life goes on.

5. The wrong way.

Watching and reading news from America (not Fox or CNN, mainly small-ish channels on YT) makes me worried about the future of the US. It needs change, but it is changing the wrong way (More authoritarian, wealth gap).

If they US collapses or some shit then the worlds is gonna be a s*%tshow.

4. This might be a BIT dramatic.

Nuclear winter, of course.

I’m looking forward to nuclear summer, myself. Gonna be a hot one.

3. A tale as old as time.

Humans upset about things other humans said and/or did.

2. We scared to look…

In 2019, people said there was no way 2020 could be worse.

In 2020, people were POSITIVE 2021 couldn’t be as bad.

Now in 2021.. well.. my hopes for 2022 aren’t very high.

1. Only time will tell.

Vaccine complications that cause an even greater divide between anti- and pro-vaxxers.

Talk of civil war will sprout in the United States.

Covid mutates again into three or four different strands.

I don’t know about y’all, but I hope things aren’t as bleak as everyone seems to believe they’re going to be.

Do you have any optimistic predictions for the year to come? If so, we’d love to hear about it in the comments!