17 People Share What Always Makes Them Think Of The Early 2000s

If you were an 80s or even an early 90s baby, there’s a good chance that the early 2000s are a serious nostalgia period for you. For me, a *cough* late 70s baby, the early aughts were my late college years, and yeah…they definitely seem like the good old days to me.

There are things that specifically recall those days in an absolute instant, and these 17 people are sharing the things that scream early aughts to them.

17. You had to be really committed.

Spending 2 minutes to text “how are u?” to someone.

16. I know you were singing along.

(sung to the tune of We Didn’t Start the Fire)

BeyBlades, Baha Men,

Console wars are back again

Dexter’s Lab, Cow and Chicken,

Jimmy Neutron, Shrek

Toonami, Smash Mouth, SpongeBob,

Austin Powers on the job

Four Harry Potter books today, what else can I say?

Those were the early 2000s

For a while we befriended, but suddenly they ended

Those were the early 2000s

Now we’re twenty years later, but are we that much greater?

15. Nailed it.

Butterfly clips. Those little ones you wound all your hair up into because you weren’t ballsy enough for a pixie cut.

14. Yes, the cool blue.

Thumb-drive MP3 players. Shout-out to my cool blue 512mb sandisk

13. Straight from the top.

Freestyler… rock the microphone Straight from the top of my dome Freestyler… rock the microphone Carry on with the freestyler.

12. Tamagotchis are back, y’all.

Soda flavored chapstick.

buying a Tamagotchi at a Montgomery Ward

Scratch and sniff stickers. And the markers. I still think about the toasted marshmallow scented marker.

11. Now is just makes us old.

Very far side parts and side bangs

They can take my deep side part from my corpse

10. That smell will take you back all the time.

Bath and Body Works body sprays and Victoria’s Secret Lovespell


9. We don’t need no stinkin’ arch support.

Fueled By Ramen
Those rubber bracelets with different colors, like the “Live Strong” ones
Juicy tracksuits
Ugg boots
Juicy sweatpants tucked into Ugg boots
Low-rise jeans with chunky belts
Checkerboard anything
side-swept bangs that covered one eye
Black eyeliner all around the eye
Chunky highlights
Reggae/Dancehall pop music
Newsboy hats and Fedoras
Axe body spray for guys and Bath & Bodyworks for girls
Shoes without arch support (Vans, Converse, Ballet Flats, Gladiator sandals)

8. A short and accurate list.

Pink and black stockings, spike bracelets, emo haircuts, male eyeliner, shirt of American Idiot and Harry Potter books.

This reads like Punk Rock 101 by Bowling for Soup, which incidentally perfectly encapsulates that period in its lyrics hahaha.

7. New Spongebob doesn’t cut it.

Classic SpongeBob, Destiny’s Child

6. Nothing better than a Happy Meal and a playground.

Birthday parties at McDonalds

My friend did his 18th birthday at McDonalds and the workers lost it when they had to paint our faces. It was 2011

5. Omg the roll-on body glitter.

Roll on body glitter, butterfly clips, inflatable furniture, cucumber melon body spray, caboodles lip gloss

4. That was a good day.

Pokemon gold and silver

Man I got pokemon gold version for my golden birthday. I was turning 12. Was so awesome

3. We experienced that.

Boarding a plane while never having to remove shoes or belts.

In the mid nineties I think, my parents got me visiting the cockpit or a commercial flight UK to Barcelona. My kids will never experience that.

2. Good ol’ Tom.


Wish still had all the pictures I uploaded on there.

1. We were all basketball players in our hearts.

RocaWear, Being ghetto fabulous, FuBu, Enyce, Nelly’s Country grammar, fitted caps, baggy basketball jerseys, having a basketball headband as a clothing accessory.

Basically just watch HBO’s The Wire

Y’all, this post is giving me serious nostalgia. I kind of want to go back, just for a few days.

What screams early 2000s for you? If it’s not on this list share with us in the comments!