17 People Share What REALLY Makes Them Cringe

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What makes you cringe? I mean, REALLY cringe?

I think mine have to be watching really bad stand-up comedy and seeing people trip and fall in public. They both get me every time.

AskReddit users opened up and admitted what makes them cringe.

1. I agree with this one.

“When people post selfies of them crying.

No joke, my friend’s sister posted crying selfies of her and her kids when they had their dog put to sleep. With the dead dog.

Like, umm… that’s a private moment of grief not a selfie opportunity??”

2. That’s really weird.

“Self diagnosed psychopaths.

I don’t know why anyone thinks that’s something to be proud of.

I think those people watch too many movies glorifying serial killers where they think being neurologically and psychologically abnormally inherently means they’re intellectually above average.”

3. Sounds like a real catch.

“My brother in law.

The way he tries to flirt with anything with a pair of boobs and is 2 decades younger than he is.- mostly female servers at restaurants. He treats male servers like shit. He tries to touch their hair or their shoulders without permission and makes the lamest jokes that no one ever laughs at except for him.

The man hasn’t shaved in years and from the smell of it probably doesn’t bathe as often as he should either. He smells like dog and burritos. I married his twin brother.

I feel like I married the name brand version and his brother is the dollar store version.”

4. Not a great time…

“When I remember my high school interactions in general.

High school was true painful cringe. I told a French exchange student that I loved him in French and he just walked away. I die every time I think about it.”

5. Sorry about that…

“The time I was talking too loud at a wedding when I wasn’t supposed to and everyone at the wedding turned around to see what asshole wouldn’t shut up.”

6. Looking for sympathy.

“People who post vague status updates on social media, such as “The most horrible thing just happened to me”, without providing any context.

It’s a cheap way for people to fish for attention, and it creates unnecessary worry for the people who care about them.”

7. No one likes this.

“Recordings of my own voice.

Why does every other voice on the planet sound like Morgan fuckin’ Freeman and mine sounds like Gilbert Gottfried on helium?”

8. Well, actually…

“When people get that mentality of “I am one bad bitch” because they are really just one annoying bitch.”

9. Not very sexy.

“Those videos of guys trying really hard to be sexy biting their lips and looking down and brushing their hair back.

They make me cringe so hard.”

10. The sound of crickets.

“When people make a joke but nobody laughs and it’s just quiet…”

11. Not quite the same.

“My face when i see it on video.

I consider myself a good looking gal, but when i see my face on videos i look absolutely different from what i look in mirrors and pictures whether selfies or that others take.

Looking like a damn squirrel fish.”

12. It’s all about me!

“When people film themselves doing something really “generous” and “heartfelt” for someone in dire need (e.g. a homeless person).

Give them the money or the food or whatever, and get on with your life. I CRINGE at how that person must feel to have a camera or phone shoved in their face while they’re accepting someone’s shallow charity.

I’m glad the person in need benefits but I can’t bear to watch them.”

13. Karaoke fail.

“I was invited to karaoke by a friend of a friend. Not my scene, but the drinks were cheap so I went. He kept insulting most of the singers. They weren’t great, but not terrible. He just kept insisting he was a great singer and just wait until it was his turn because he was going to school everyone.

I’m sure you can guess by now that he was, by far, the worst singer there. I can’t understand HOW he didn’t know. I almost thought he was joking, but nope. He was super smug. And since I didn’t really know him that well, I wasn’t going to be the one to call him out. I haven’t seen karaoke since.

It’s just too uncomfortable.”

14. Bad birthdays.

“Any story about someone having a birthday party and no one shows up.
It happened to my little brother when we were kids and I’ve been scarred from it since.

People dying/abuse/grief/loss/horror etc does not illicit the same emotional upset I get when I hear those kind of birthday stories.”

15. Very cringeworthy.

“People who consider themselves a professional actress/actor when they are tik tok famous.”

16. A lot of this out there.

“That whole he’s my King, she’s my Queen thing.

Seems really fake and weird.”

17. So ridiculous.

“Parents posting fake quotes of their kids saying super woke things that a kid would never realistically say at that age.”

Yikes. I just got some serious EFO (Embarrassment For Others).

What are the things that make you cringe?

Let us know in the comments, please!