17 People Share What Their Friday Nights Look Like These Days

There’s no doubt that life has changed in the past 2-3 years, and while in many ways it’s definitely been for the worse, some things aren’t better or worse, just…different.

For many of us, our social lives definitely taken a turn, so if you’re wondering what other people are doing for fun (or not) on Friday night these days, look no further – these 17 people are giving us a peek behind the curtain!

17. Bless.

Cry myself to sleep.

There isn’r time for that during the week.

16. Sounds delightful, actually.

Well I just spent 7 hours gaming with my puppy asleep at my feet making myself increasingly stronger cocktails.

15. Definitely a good use of time.

Lately it’s been introducing my daughter to the classics. Tonight it’s Hook! (Last week was the Goonies)

We need more Dustin Hoffman as Captain Hook.

14. If you know, you know.

Same thing we do every night Pinky.


13. Friends are good.

Friends get together for a potluck dinner – everyone brings a special dish:

The food choices are all coordinated by a person in the group who’s good at planning menus so that there’s variety and “balance.”

12. That about sums it up.

It’s 10.30pm and I’m lying in bed on reddit.

Usually play video games and bask in the relief of not having to work for two days

11. It sounds better now.

Before the pandemic, I worked every Friday. Now I chill at home with my sister and my dog and we watch horror movies.

We do have a spare seat and plenty of microwave popcorn !

10. No one likes the grind.

Played video games with my youngest, watched a film with the family and thought about how great it is I don’t have to get up in the morning.

The kids went back to school this week. They have not enjoyed having to get up and out of the house before 8am.

9. Sounds major.

I just went and got all the different kinds of M&Ms at the gas station mixed them all into a bowl so me and my girlfriend can watch the super fan cuts of The Office.

8. Hey, plans are plans.

Last Friday I was like wow I actually have plans tonight.

Plans: getting ice cream with Grandma

7. Box wine for the win.

Sitting on the front porch drinking some crisp white box wine, while I have a garage sale.

The wife and I decided to sell everything, buy a new 5th wheel camper and spend the next year or two traveling around to all the national parks and see anything & everything we want to see. We can grow/run our business stuff remotely for the most part, so before we build the dream home we decided to stretch a little.

Step 1. Sell everything….this is harder and a bigger step than I planned for. Step 2. Sell home….paid 161k 3 years ago, listing for 350k…gotta love real-estate bubbles. Step 3. LOAD the RV and hit the road! Even the kids are excited.

6. Living the dream.

I knit while watching a murder/crime documentary or horror movies.

I recently took up the hobby and often Cold Case Files all the time while knitting lol.

5. Same old.

I play DnD or Vampire the Masquerade.

Have two beers. Watch Netflix. Jerk off. Fall asleep.

4. How dare.

Go to the Winchester, have a nice cold pint, and wait for all of this to blow over.

3. Everyone’s a comedian.

Well for this Friday…I’m going to steal the Declaration of Independence.

2. Add some takeout and I’m there.

Every Friday night I have a nice dinner and then do laundry while I watch tv. I look forward to it all week.

1. Not everyone gets Friday’s off.

Work. Work. Work. Friday nights are insanely busy always and tonight, I want to cry.

See? You’re not the only one who has embraced their introvert life.

What do you do for fun on the weekends? Enlighten us in the comments!