17 People Share What They Most Associate With Mexico

Wherever you’re from, you likely think about it differently than people who aren’t from there tend to think about it – you know it intimately, while visitors often have a different experience, or one that’s meant for tourists or just people with outside eyes.

Someone asked Redditors what they associate with Mexico, and these 17 people shared their thoughts.

17. The heat.

I visited Mexico for the first time to attend a friend’s wedding. It was September and holy hell, I had not, before or after, ever experienced that kind of heat! Over 100 degrees plus humidity!

It was hard to be outside even for 5 minutes between the hours of 11am-5pm without wanting to take a shower immediately afterwards because you were drenched in sweat. Thank god the wedding took place at sunset because we stayed inside as much as we could to avoid the heat otherwise.

So I’ll always remember Mexico for the extreme heat and humidity and never, ever again visit there in September.

16. The best part of anyplace.


15. Nowhere is perfect.

Drug cartels and corrupted authorities.

Being 100% mexican my family has drilled into my head that all of the police there are f**ked.

14. A great film.


Probably the only movie that made me sob like a baby in a packed theatre. And I still cry every time I watch that movie.

13. Rich culture.

I think of the history I learned about while I was there. The incredible lake city of Tenochtitlan, the mysterious ancient pyramids at Teotihuacan, the indigenous baroque church in Cholula and the nearby pyramid that the Spaniards leveled off and built a church on.

A very fascinating history and rich culture.

12. Cute little salamanders.


(Now it would be funny to edit the “axolotls” with “drug cartels”, “cheap pro**itutes” or stuff like that, just to mess with a thousand people that liked my comment… But i’m not an a**hole. Not so much at least 😏)

11. Food is paramount.

Been to Mexico 4 times. The food is awesome. Sometimes we went to out-of-the-way little places that were just broken down old buildings… and the food would be amazing, presented in a beautiful way by friendly staff.

Such pride.

10. Both are true.

really big agave plants and insanely good food

9. Lovely people.

Friendly warm people who have been been screwed over and still have a lot of heart.

8. Beware…

Duendes, chupacabras, flautas, gringos on spring break.

My mom used to threat me if I didn’t finish everything on my plate, the duendes would come for me.

7. They make the world go ’round.

Agricultural workers. I live in wine country so they really make up a large portion of our population. You see them picking grapes, landscaping, selling fruit on the side of the road, and working in the restaurants.

If you think Mexicans are lazy, I challenge anyone to hang with a Mexican picking crew for eight hours.

6. A handful of impressions.

Spent a semester abroad studying in Guadalajara, the 2nd largest city. Coming from Germany I remember hospitality, being welcome with open arms, a nice climate + tasty and affordable food.

Thing is most houses are surrounded with high fences, made me feel isolated rather than living in an open neighboring community.

Also traffic is the worst in the cities. Takes a crazy amount of time getting from a to b by car or bus and cycling is quite dangerous as there are almost no bike paths like in Germany

5. The holy trinity.

“You can’t describe Mexico in 3 words”

Heat. Murder. Tacos.

4. The mangos oh my god.

Fruit. My husband pretty much never shuts up about all the wonderful fruit his family had when he was growing up. Avocado, four different citrus on one tree, papaya, loquats, mangos, tuna, guayaba, mamay, pitaya, and pomegranate.

My father lived south of Mexico in the equator, and he said all of the wonderful fruits made up for the bad climate

3. A favorite destination.

Riviera Maya.

My favorite place on earth. I used to go every year to an all inclusive resort. Beautiful place, scenery, water, and love the Mayan architecture.

2. All of the colors.

Beautiful architecture.

Also some of the most interesting advances in socially driven architecture!

1. Beauty everywhere.

Most beautiful country I’ve ever been too, rainforest and beaches, natural coves and and excellent weather.

Would highly recommend – from an English dude where the weather is great.

This is truly making me want to visit Mexico again, and not just the beaches.

What do you associate with Mexico? Tell us in the comments!