17 People Suggest Some Super Creepy Deep Dives, If You’re Looking for That Kind of Thing…

I don’t know about you, but I freaking love creepy sh*t. I watch murder shows, listen to true crime podcasts, drink up paranormal investigations, and am morbidly fascinated with crap like the bodies on Mount Everest.

So let me tell you, I’m taking notes along this list of creepy deep dives just waiting to be explored.

17. If you’re not easily squeaked out.


Disgustingly interesting, and scary AF.

16. This one is dar, even for me.

Go watch the documentary “Three Identical Strangers”.

A story about triplets who were separated at birth.

It starts out wholesome and very quickly becomes dark

15. Welp, never going there.

NASA has radio transmission made by every planet in our solar system essentially giving the planets “sounds”. Saturn screams.

Here is a link for your listening discomfort.

14. Really anything on cults.

Jim Jones and the Peoples Temple.

13. Caves are a nightmare all their own.

Definitely the tale of that guy who died in the nutty putty cave upside down unable to be rescued as it would have involved breaking his legs.

Never thought I’d get creeped out by an infographic, but here you go.


12. It really will haunt you forever.

People dead on Mt. Everest.

It’s too cold and dangerous to get them down, so… they… just… stay… up…. there.


11. Oh yeah she’s definitely unable to contact people for SOME reason.

The wife of the leader of the church of scientology has not been seen for over 10 years, the higher ups of the organization claim she is dedicating all her time to the church.

But the fact that ever since she got in a big fight with her husband 10 years ago, none of her family members had seen or contacted her indicates foul play.

10. Failure is one way to describe it.

The Nazino affair, aka, Cannibal Island.

Back in the 30’s, some bigwigs in the USSR wanted to do what amounted to a collectivization experiment on an unsettled island, so they rounded up 6000 mostly randomly snatched up city folk and dumped them on a undeveloped island with almost no food or supplies or shelter, with guards stationed around the island ordered to shoot anyone who tried to leave.

Within 3 months, roughly 2/3rds of the islands population was dead, with many of the survivors resorting to eating the dead (and in some stories, butchering still living people). Eventually, the experiment was deemed a failure and they removed the survivors off the island, and records about the experiment got buried until the 1980’s

9. It’s really the last great frontier, right here on earth.

The bloop, deep sea gigantism, and other deep sea sounds.

While many have been debunked, the idea of godzilla sized shit running around down there is fun/scary.

8. I’m never eating cornflakes again.


The inventor of corn flakes made it bland and boring so people wouldn’t get excited and have sex or masturbate.

He also ran a sanitarium, put carbolic acid on little girl’s privates so they would never derive pleasure from sex , and put wires on boy’s penises so that when they had an erection it would cause them pain… among other things. He believed in some crazy crap.

7. It’s really horrifying what people are capable of.

Human experimentations done by various militaries and governments.

6. And this was some people’s JOBS.

Torture methods between 14th and 18th centuries.

5. DO NOT listen to the transcripts.

Toy Box Killer.

David Parker Ray probably tortured and killed more than 50 women inside his soundproof trailer.

He was never convicted of murder.

4. I need this to be an unsolved mystery.

Room 1046 is a pretty creepy unsolved case, basically an un identified man was brutally murdered in his hotel room after he had been sat there, alone, in the dark, all day.

Throw in some mysterious phone calls and strange behaviours and it’s a pretty interesting story

3. This story never gets less jaw-droppingly horrible.

Zhejiang-Jiangxi campaign which was led by the Japanese as a revenge for the Dollitle raid.

Here is what Wikipedia says about it: “After the raid, the Japanese Imperial Army began the Zhejiang-Jiangxi campaign (also known as Operation Sei-go) to prevent these eastern coastal provinces of China from being used again for an attack on Japan and to take revenge on the Chinese people. An area of some 20,000 sq mi (50,000 km2) was laid waste. “Like a swarm of locusts, they left behind nothing but destruction and chaos,” eyewitness Father Wendelin Dunker wrote. The Japanese killed an estimated 10,000 Chinese civilians during their search for Doolittle’s men. People who aided the airmen were tortured before they were killed.

Father Dunker wrote of the destruction of the town of Ihwang: “They shot any man, woman, child, cow, hog, or just about anything that moved, They raped any woman from the ages of 10 – 65, and before burning the town they thoroughly looted it…None of the humans shot were buried either…” The Japanese entered Nancheng, population 50,000 on June 11, “beginning a reign of terror so horrendous that missionaries would later dub it ‘the Rape of Nancheng.’ ” evoking memories of the infamous Rape of Nanjing five years before. Less than a month later, the Japanese forces put what remained of the city to the torch. “This planned burning was carried on for three days,” one Chinese newspaper reported, “and the city of Nancheng became charred earth.”

When Japanese troops moved out of the Zhejiang and Jiangxi areas in mid-August, they left behind a trail of devastation. Chinese estimates put the civilian death toll at 250,000. The Imperial Japanese Army had also spread cholera, typhoid, plague infected fleas and dysentery pathogens. The Japanese biological warfare Unit 731 brought almost 300 pounds of paratyphoid and anthrax to be left in contaminated food and contaminated wells with the withdrawal of the army from areas around Yushan, Kinhwa and Futsin. Around 1,700 Japanese troops died out of a total 10,000 Japanese soldiers who fell ill with disease when their biological weapons attack rebounded on their own forces.

Shunroku Hata, the commander of Japanese forces involved of the massacre of the 250,000 Chinese civilians, was sentenced in 1948 in part due to his “failure to prevent atrocities”. He was given a life sentence but was paroled in 1954.”

It is only a small part of what war crimes Japanese committed in WWII but nobody seem to remember them

2. Read the comic at your own risk.

Elan School.

Basically this school was a pseudo-cult/Stanford Prison Experiment type place disguised as a send away school for behavior correction.

There is a webcomic series by someone who escaped. Im on break at work else Id link it

It’s since closed but it went for under the radar for years and years.

Iirc a few people died there from the harsh treatments they were given.

1. That’s one way to die.

The true story that was the inspiration for the song “The Way” by Fastball.​

It’s based on Lela and Raymond Howard, a Texas couple in their 80’s. They were planning to go to a festival they went to every year just 15 miles from their home, but they were both suffering from mental decline. They took off that morning without telling anyone. They never came home.

Three days later they got pulled over 500 miles away from home. Not once but twice. Neither officer was aware they were reported as missing persons at that time. They were let go with a warning, even though Lela couldn’t remember where she lived. The search intensified, authorities in multiple states were looking for them, it made national news and tips came rolling in but none led to their discovery. The early news of the search inspired the song and it was written before they were found.

Lela and Raymond were ultimately discovered by hikers a couple weeks after their disappearance. The car was at the bottom of a 25-ft cliff. Raymond was deceased in the passenger seat, Lela was deceased a short distance from the car holding her purse and car keys. She opened the passenger door for her dead husband before crawling away and dying of her own injuries. The car went off the cliff at about 50 mph and there were no skidmarks indicating that she even tried to stop. Presumably she didn’t see the cliff or got confused or something and just… drove right off it.

You guys. YOU GUYS. I’m already gone.

Which one of these are you going to research first? Let me know in the comments!