If You’re Looking to Get Lost in a Creepy Rabbit Hole, Try These 15 Topics on for Size

If you’re someone who enjoys reading, watching, or just learning about the creepy underbelly of this wacky world we live in, chances are you’re always on the lookout for something new you haven’t encountered before.

I know that’s true for me, but I don’t know, y’all – some of these suggestions sound like they might even be a bit much for me!

15. This freaks me out every single day.

Human trafficking.

It’s far more widespread than most people realize, and extends beyond sex trafficking.

If more people learned the warning signs that a person is being trafficked, they would be in a position to do something about it.

14. I don’t think I’ll be Googling this one.

Issei Sagawa.

Wealthy Japanese man kills, fucks, and eats a french woman in France.

Gets released after being found legally insane, then makes a career back home in japan profiting off his crime. He does writing, artwork, and is a celebrity there.

Really shows the dark side of Japanese culture.

13. Just a few nightmares.

The Tunguska Event.

Not really creepy in a traditional sense, but if you imagine that (back then) they had no idea what had occurred, and went on to discover 770 sq mi of forest completely flattened with no explicable explanation, I’d be having a couple nightmares certainly

12. That’s a lot of mystery creatures.

Cambrian life. At this point in Earth’s history (541-485 mya) most living things looked nothing like anything that now exists.

There’s the “Tully Monster,” an animal that has paleobiologists in debate over whether it was a vertebrate or not (it’s thought to be related to lampreys); Opabinia, which had five eyes and looks like a cross between a lobster and a vacuum cleaner, and Anomalocaris, basically a chitinous floating death ship that arrived to eat all the much smaller animals of the time. Last, let’s not forget Pikaia, a little wormlike thing that is our distant ancestor.

New discoveries are made all the time, and scientific theories constantly shift to adjust to the existence of the latest mystery creature. They get neglected by the media in favor of dinosaurs, but Cambrian life is just as fantastic!

11. Like how they find unexploded bombs all over England.

The sheer number of unmarked gravesites along the Oregon Trail.

Several friends of mine have found bodies of pioneers in their backyards and property.

10. Their minds are always fascinating, that’s for sure.

Usually, it’d be declassified documents on serial killers, their activities, and their motives.

It fascinates me to know what’s going on in the heads of these seemingly deranged nut-jobs and why they’re committing these atrocities.

9. I remember this case and the details are awful.

I would submit Gertrude Baniszewski for the murder of Sylvia Likens, though I hesitate to call it “interesting.” More like disturbing as shit and immensely sad.

In short, the movie “The Girl Next Door” (2007 horror film, not the 2004 movie) was based off this murder. Gertrude locked Sylvia in the basement, and her, her daughter, her son, and a few neighborhood kids tortured Sylvia to death over the course of several months.

Gertrude and her older daughter got life; the kids got 2 to 21 years. Gertrude was eventually fucking paroled, which as an attorney (though, to be fair, not a criminal attorney) has always sat with me as an indictment against our justice system.

Gertrude would live another five years, in an entirely undeserved freedom, before dying of lung cancer in 1990. To date, Gertrude Baniszewski is the only person I can say, with no remorse, that I’m glad got fucking cancer.

The case if anyone is interested. It is not light reading.

8. There were a lot of people murdering inn patrons back in the day.

The Bloody Benders of Labatte, Kansas

A family of serial killers operating in the mid-late 1800s murdered travelers at their roadside inn.

7. This list is quite a wild ride.

The list of people who have “died” via absentia, Unit 731, the strange case of Elisa Lam, the Tulsa Race Massacre, what happened to the pioneers on Roanoke island, why my mom calls valid points and reasoning “Back talk”, and where my dad went.

6. This should keep you busy for awhile.

1) Serial killers.

2) Unsolved missing person cases.

4) Rare genetic disorders.

5) Alien abduction reports.

6) Human medical experimentation.

7) Anything the CIA has declassified.

8) The Hum.

9) Spontaneous human combustion.

10) Cases of alleged “demonic possession”.

11) Rare mentally illness.

12) Heat death of the universe.

5. I’m not sure I want to know.

A rabbit hole called Cicada 3301.

It is one of the internets biggest mysteries, and it really creeped me out when I started looking into it.

A series of clues was left around the world for people to find and piece together using things like coordinates and reddit.

4. You might learn a thing or two.

Down the rabbit Hole playlist on YouTube.

I like that he gets outside the usual “spooky” topics that have already been beat to death by a million other YouTubers. I had never in my life heard of the Austrian Wine Poisoning controversy. I was riveted for the entire video. I became a big fan of Vaporwave music after I learned about it on that channel.

If you know anyone else of comparable quality and diversity of topic, please let me know. Fredrik Knudsen and Ben Minnotte’s “Oddity Archive” are my two favorite YouTube channels.

3. You never hear about this kind of thing happening in Canada.

Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka serial killer story in Canada – three murders and several rapes.

So heartbreaking – one of the girls mothers locked her out of the house as she missed curfew, Leslie called a friend to see if she could stay over and the friend’s mother said no. Paul Bernardo picked her up that night.

Karla Homolka “gave” Paul her little sister as a Christmas gift and ended up killing her with tranquilizers she stole from work.

Karla was totally involved in everything, but pretended she was a battered woman and only got 12 years.

Also, I love anything about the Zodiac Killer – super interesting stuff!

2. This is all kind of a mind f*ck.

Lost media.

The thought of something either existing but lost to the sands of time or something never meant to be is both creepy and terrifying.

It feels like it never existed, and yet it did, and due to human error it was never documented or finished.

Sometimes we don’t know if it even really existed.

And yet, lots of it we do know. Remnants through small clips, screenshots, or even just the word of god.

But there’s a good chance we’ll never find them.

Might as well try, though…

1. Please take the warning seriously.

The Bjork Stalker.

Ricardo Lopez was an exterminator with aspirations of being a famous artist one day. He was very reclusive, insecure and lonely. He retreated into a fantasy world and became fascinated with the lives of celebrities, particularly the Icelandic singer Bjork. His fascination soon grew into an obsession and he began stalking her.

Upon finding out that Bjork was engaged to an African American celebrity by the name of Goldie, he became enraged about one, the fact that she was engaged and two that her fiance was a black man. He decided it was his mission to kill her or cause her some kind of physical and emotional harm as punishment. He began constructing a homemade acid bomb that he would mail to her house in London to disfigure or kill the singer. He also planned to commit suicide with the belief that he would meet Bjork in heaven where they could both be happy.

Lopez recorded his entire plan to kill Bjork and his motivations with a video camera and you can find the videos on YouTube. If you watch them you can actually witness his mental deterioration and descent into insanity.

Lopez sent the acid bomb to Bjork’s house and then recorded himself shaving his head, painting his face red and green and then committing suicide by shooting himself through the roof of his mouth. His final words being, “This is for you.”

Fortunately, the police investigated Lopez’ apartment soon after his suicide and the FBI got involved. The package was intercepted by British authorities and the bomb was safely detonated in an isolated location.

Bjork is fortunately still alive and well.

The interesting thing about this case is that it provides an in depth look into the mind of a deranged stalker because of Lopez’ recordings and is a creepy, heartbreaking and also quite fascinating psychological study.

If you’re interested in looking more into the case, the link to a YouTube video that comprises of most of his video taped ramblings and his eventual suicide will be provided. I should warn you, it’s quite disturbing.

It’s always stunning, and not necessarily in a good way, to be reminded what humans are capable of, don’t you think?

Do you have a topic you’d add to the list? Make your own suggestions in the comments!