17 People Vent About The Things That Frustrate Them The Most

Life is full of little frustrations. Some days, when your patience is already tried and has been tested more than once, those little frustrations can turn into big ones – and there are some, of course, that start out big to begin with.

These 17 people are ready to vent about the stuff that drives them nuts every time it happens, and I bet you’ll find yourself nodding along more often than not.

17. Mistakes were made.

Leaving a job, getting a job you thought would be better, then finding out that job is worse, and thinking of when you can quit this job to find a job similar to the past one.

16. You won’t convince them anyway.

Bring falsely accused of something and no one will let you talk to deny it.

15. Pure torture.

That piece of popcorn kernel that gets stuck between your back molars but you just can’t get it out with your tongue, and you can’t get to floss for a while.

14. The Jerk Store called…

When you think of an absolutely devastating comeback hours after an argument.

13. A can feel the frustration.

Wanting so hard to have a communicative workplace/ team and pushing it and voicing it, yet nobody f**king does.

It’s a miracle any work gets done.

Side note, I f**king hate my job.

12. Pay attention.

Not using turn signals.

Or when the car has made the turn and they won’t turn their signal off.

“I’m a stupid idiot” “I’m a stupid idiot “ “I’m a stupid idiot” (blink/blink/blink)

Or when they turn their signal on AFTER they’ve already started turning!

11. You’re not even safe in your sleep.

Trying to run in a dream.

It’s like running in a waist deep swimming pool. Terrible when someone is chasing you.

Or trying to fight something in a nightmare but your arms are lead gelatin.

10. The worst.

Biting the side of your mouth as you chew gum….then sitting there chewing bloody failure gum.

9. Too many work days.

I once interviewed for a teaching job in a private language school, during the interview I asked the recruiter to describe a typical day.

“Well, we come in the office at 10am, we plan until 1pm, and then classes start at 4pm and finish at 9:30pm. There are classes on Saturday mornings that we go to banks, but we take them in turns so you won’t be doing that every week.”

That’s… All day every day.

“It’s a forty hour week.”

Yes, mathematically it’s forty hours, but… How do you have any time for a life?

I didn’t even respond to their job offer and took another one which allowed me to work 28-30 hours a week, in the afternoons only with maybe one hour one morning, for the same pay.

The fact that this has become normal and expected just blows my mind.

8. So toxic.

It’s already been said but I just want to mention job hunting. It’s absolutely toxic.

Especially when looking for entry level jobs. Companies have the audacity to call a positions “junior” or “entry level” but absolutely require a PhD and 5+ of relevant experience in the field.


7. It’s small, but makes you so mad!

Sitting down with your meal and putting the tv on only to realize you forgot you drink or fork.

6. They’re just everywhere.

Having a whole box of blueberries fall onto the floor.

5. A very specific gripe.

The dingus in my townhouse community who drives a beat-to-hell Nissan xTerra and parked it EXACTLY on the line between two parking spots and has left it like that since Sunday!

This miserable bell and almost had to do this bulls*%t on purpose they’re so centered. And I know they know they did it! I just… I PARK BETWEEN THE LINES!

Like, I endeavor to park in a way that minimizes inconveniences. But this… this pole-smoking a$$hat just has such blatant disregard for such a common decency! Parking between the lines is one of the tiny social agreements we all make that holds society together.

Get. Your. S*%t. Together. Play by the rules! Don’t be the banana peel that sends us plummeting into anarchy!!

4. My husband would agree.

Someone telling you to do something just as you are about to do it.

Or trying to give you instruction cause they think they have a better way.

3. We weren’t asking.

Getting unwarranted suggestions.

Im growing a lockdown beard at the moment and people i meet say “you should get it shaped by a barber” “itd look good if you did XYZ”

Well luckily for me my facial hair doesn’t exist to look good for you.

2. Pure panic.

Biting into a sandwich or a burger and you couldn’t fully bite through all the contents so the ingredients in it start coming out as you pull the burger/sandwich away from your face.

1. Just awful.

Having an autistic child that is non verbal and can’t always express what is causing pain at the moment.

I work with autistic kiddos and one of my clients is very limitedly verbal. He can say a few words but not much. There are days when he is just screaming and crying and I try everything in my power to figure out what is wrong so I can help him. Offer food, water, quiet time, alone time, sleep, body squeezes, anything!

Those days I think, “what if he has a head ache? Or a tummy ache? Or an ear infection? Or something even worse!?!?” He is miserable and there is nothing I can do except be there with him and love him… but that doesn’t cut it when he is clearly distressed.

Y’all, I almost started sweating just reading some of these!

How do you handle small frustrations? Deep breathing? A quick scream? Let us know in the comments!