17 Reasons to Laugh About The Mess 2020 Is Turning Out to Be

Image Credit: Twitter

Remember just a few short months ago when we were all anxious to see 2019 – and the last decade – disappear into the ether? 2020 was brand new, no bad memories attached to it, and a clean start was just what we all needed.

Then, like a pie in the face, 2020 decided to be even worse than the few years leading up to it. Instead of being anxious for something new, we’re all just anxious.

Which is exactly why these 17 posts are just what you need.

Because when there’s nothing left to do but laugh, you’ll want to make sure you do exactly that every chance you get.

17. Some people really know how to party.

16. Where is Katniss when you really need her?


15. An unexpected one, too.

14. And you’ve never braced for it quite well enough.

13. Important distinction.


12. There’s no arguing with that.

11. When your television viewing becomes research.


10. Fun fact: the apocalypse never ends.

9. So emo.

8. Definitely came out of the gate strong.

7. Also MLB is probably canceled.

6. We might as well give it a try; nothing else is working.

5. If you didn’t sing this, we can’t be friends.

4. Why is this so cute, though?

3. They’ll never believe it until it happens to them.

2. This is…not going as expected.

1. Except no one is laughing.

I mean, y’all. What on earth is happening here? Are we being pranked? Is there a glitch in the Matrix? Is there any way to get out of this timeline and onto a better one?

What’s your favorite way to cope with the stress? We’d love new ideas in the comments!