Not everyone likes to talk about their day (or night) job with friends, acquaintances, family, or coworkers, and that goes for people who don’t do what some might consider sensitive work.

There are surely sex workers out there who are comfortable and completely open about the way they earn a living, but there are likely just as many who prefer to keep a low profile unless they’re among people they trust.

Now, that’s all well and good until someone you know in your daytime life shows up at your nighttime gig…as a customer.

Trust me, these 17 stories aren’t about to disappoint.

17. Dr. Pot paging Dr. Kettle.

Somewhat related, me and buddy (Tom) go to this sleazy strip club in different part of town.

As soon as we walk in he sees bartender he went to high school with who say “Tom you PERV! What are you doing here?”

16. That would have made family reunions just a bit awkward.

I was in the process of booking with a sex worker and she sent me a few face pics that she didn’t post in her ad.

That’s when I realized she was actually my cousin.

I politely told her that I couldn’t meet and never said anything to anyone, including her.

15. Why would he come back though?!

I’m a stripper.

My friends dad came in. I hadn’t seen him or my friend since high school. I accidentally asked him for a lap dance before I could tell who it was.

He said no and I realized who it was as I walked away. He came in a few more times and avoided eye contact with me. When I was on stage he would look away.

Another story: my first day as a stripper I saw two guys from my high school. We chatted, then they both paid for lap dances.

14. She was excited to see you I bet!

Other way around. When I turned 22 or 23 for my birthday we went out drinking and ended up at a strip club.

Stripper was making her rounds on stage to everyone sitting at the pit. She jump on me and says my name excitedly. Only then I realized it was an employee of mine.

Made sense why she couldn’t work nights.

13. As long as everyone is cool with it.

Not a sex worker but know a couple current/former who have worked in brothels, and they could see clients when they entered and choose not to come meet them if they recognised them (or if they just didn’t feel like working at that moment). So it didn’t usually happen.

But on the other hand a friend of mine slept with another friend of mine in exactly this way, she didn’t mind him knowing and he didn’t mind paying.

12. A good rule of thumb is probably not to become a stripper in the small town you grew up in (if you want to avoid this).

Attending a bachelor party a long time ago. The stripper came in, said hello, and went to the bathroom to fix herself up. She peeked out the door and called one of them over. Turns out, she went to high school with us, a couple of years younger. She called a friend to replace her and she left.

11. The last line of this story is pure gold.

When I was a cam girl I would have many guys message me saying they were my cousin or something, they were not, just trying to play out a fetish and I wasn’t into it. So then one day a guy, in the main chat, said that he knew me and his name was AJ (fake name). I was like, yeah right, “I’ve only ever known one AJ, if it’s true what’s my name?” And sure enough he put my real first name right there in the chat.

We were in youth group in church together almost a decade before that. He became a regular.

10. I guess there’s more than one reason not to get a back tattoo.

I had a brief stint as a bachelorette party stripper a couple of years back, on another state.

I worked through an agent who does my client filtering. I was hired by a lady named “Tori”. “Wow, what a coincidence!”, I said. My childhood friend, with the same name was also getting married. I parked my car, boarded the venue and wore my costume (which involves a full face mask). Long story short, same person. And the room was full of familiar faces! I managed to finish my routine with my mask on, got out of the venue as soon as I can, thinking I dodged a bullet…

Then I remembered my back tattoo… Woke up with 50+ messages the next morning.

9. When she’s really good at her job…

Not a sex worker, but found out a girl from high school, that i had a crush on, was a stripper. It was my buddies bachelor party. We load up in a van and head about an hour away to a “better” strip club. We get in and settle at a table.

About 30 minutes in I get a tap on the shoulder and this sexy ass chick hops in my lap. She calls me by the nickname I had in high school and hugs me. She was always Tom boyish in high school, never wore make up, always competed well in gym, kinda nerdy, quiet, and reserved, but always very pretty if you thought about it. I didn’t recognize her for a full minute. It was a fun reunion. It was a full nude spot and she gave no fucks during her stage performance.

Really seeing everything I really should have tried to pursue it in HS. But i was a dumb ass back then.

8. This is kind of blowing my mind.

My mom was a stripper when I was in elementary school.

A 22 yo guy came in and paid for a lap dance and my mom recognized his last name and asked if he knew Ruth (I have no earthly idea why she would ask him given what she suspected). He got weirded out and said that Ruth was his mom and MY mom said that HIS mom was her daughters 3rd grade teacher. He then begged her not to tell his mom where he was. Apparently my mom just laughed and said she didn’t want her daughters teacher knowing that she was there either.

I hated that teacher, she was such a jerk to me because we were poor and my mom always dressed slutty. I’m glad her kids weren’t as uptight as she was.

7. Well that’s really f*cking creepy.

Kinda, sorta along the same lines…I guess.

Once a friend wanted me to go to a strip club with him located outside a small town in Alabama. A young (REALLY young) looking girl got on the stage and he told me “Look at her. Isn’t she the prettiest thing you’ve ever seen?”

I said, “Yeah, but she seems like she’s too young to be working here.”

“Don’t worry…she’s 18.”

“How do you know?” I asked.

“She’s my niece.”

6. I’m sure that was quite a surprise!

My much-younger brother was getting married, had a bachelor party at a strip club with a dozen of so high school friends.

After about an hour there, a rather ordinary looking stripper comes on stage, takes off her top and our tables of guys goes wild, standing and applauding and hollering. I have no idea what is going on. The stripper looks through the stage lights, her eyes get really big, she grabs her top and runs offstage to the back. Bouncers come running over to our table, thinking we’re starting trouble.

Nope, it turns out all of the guys in his high school class had a history class with her a few years back…. she later came out and talked with us, said she never thought she’d see someone (let alone 12) she knew (it was in the next town over).

5. I think why is definitely the question we all need answered.

Cousin 1 (f) is a stripper, cousin 2 (m) lives in another state and hasn’t seen myself or cousin 1 since we were kids.

Cousin 2 comes to visit. Cousin 1 invites cousin 2 to her place of work one night. He knows it’s a strip club, but expects cousin 1 to just be bartending or waitressing or something.

Anyway, cousin 2 rocks up to the club and cousin 1 has her tits out. Cousin 2 said he turned around and walked right out of there.

Wtf cousin 1… why?

4. You have to expect this will happen sooner or later…

I was a stripper back in the day.

Halfway through a stage show realised that my flatmates brother and his friends were there.

That’s how i was outed, lol.

Nothing much changed.

3. College often seems like it took place in an alternate universe.

Was an RA in college and had a pair of residents on my wing who were both cam girls. Found out from rumors that were eventually confirmed when I had to help both of them get back up to their room after calling the paramedics because they were passed out drunk outside our residence hall.

Came into their room and saw the camera set up, dildos, and lingerie sets/pieces – just laying out in the open. I also found out that night that they had a pet kitten in the room, another rumor I heard about them that ended up being true (but also heard they abused it pretty bad, poor thing). Anyways, as we made it up to their wing, one of the girls came to just as we entered their room and tried to play with the pet kitten. She rolled off the bed from her side, stumbled across the room in just a few steps, and ended up falling face first into the makeshift litter box they had set up for their cat…

Cat shit and cat litter flung everywhere. Our campus PD was so confused when they showed up to find sex toys and cat litter everywhere. Their dorm room nearly looked like a crime scene.

What a time college was… What a time.

2. This sounds like the setup for a romcom.

I was not a sex worker at all but I was a fine art model for a college for a while. There were so many people that I went to high school with that entered those classes over the 2 years I worked there. Usually they wouldn’t say anything and I wouldn’t say anything and i would just get naked and pose for 3 hours lol.

Sometimes we would chat after, but sometimes we would ignore each other and pretend it didn’t happen

1. Well, that was a wild ride.

I had a friend who is a lifestyle Domme. For those unfamiliar with BDSM lingo, a Female Dominant; not professionally, just personally for fun.

She is into a lot of freaky stuff, but working in the public, she is very secretive about her identity. No pictures of herself online, and very very cautious before meeting anyone. well, she has had guys message her asking her for some pretty nasty stuff, like bottling her piss and selling it to them, or even making a shit sandwich on one occasion. Yes, an actual shit sandwich. Well, the fucked up part is, she messages with these guys, and they, without her asking, reveal all sorts of personal details about themselves, like where they live or work, and they would send her photos of themselves.. On more than one occasion she has run into one of them at work, and they had no idea it was her.

She recognized them and think to herself: “This guy that begged me to make him lick his own cum off my feet….and he has no idea who the fuck I am.”

It would just make her feel even more powerful. Although she remained perfectly professional in their interactions…..but may have acted a little bitchier than she normally would because she knew they liked it.

I mean, this is crazy. It annoyed me when people I knew came and sat in my section at a restaurant, so hats off to these folks.

If you’ve got a similar story to tell, we’re all ears in the comments!