17 Tenants Whose Landlords Definitely Deserve To Be Shamed

The challenges of the past several years have definitely highlighted how predatory the rental and landlord business can be, especially in America. People are flocking to online groups in droves to share their nightmare experiences and to warn others away from their terrible landlords.

These 17 tenants have some very legitimate gripes, and they shared them in this page where people go to shame (un)worthy landlords. Do with that what you will!

17. That…is not fixed.

I refuse to believe this is the absolute best idea a grown adult had.

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16. I want to believe this isn’t real.

My experiences with human beings tells me that it is.

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15. None of this is fair.

That’s the obvious answer to everything right now.

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14. You’ve gotta know your rights.

This applies in pretty much every aspect of life.

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13. I don’t think that’s going to do the trick.

But at least no one will be parched.

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12. Did they think no one would notice?

Also, what exactly were they hoping to capture?

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11. Pretty sure, yeah.

What on earth are they even talking about?

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10. Well that’s a new low.

Time for a counter-sue.

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9. This is not satire.

It is the reason you never get your security deposit back.

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8. How else can one explain it?

How do you send a picture of not-hot water?

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7. You know, like the rest of us?

Some people really do make it all about them.

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6. He really asked that out loud.

Like there was nothing wrong with it.

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5. Well I guess he just made a lot more trouble for himself.

I would die if I came home to this.

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4. Completely despicable.

I honestly hope there’s some way to hold him accountable under the law.

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3. Well this is awkward.

I would have loved to have heard the explanation for that.

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2. This can’t possibly be legal.

I hope someone threatened to take action if he didn’t remove them.

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1. Who doesn’t deserve a house?

What the actual heck?!

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I honestly have no idea how people can be so intentionally awful. It’s gross.

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