17 Things People Say Are Ridiculously Overpriced

Most of us have a gut feeling, I think, when something we’re looking at online or in a store is totally overpriced. Even if you’re not super familiar with whatever the item is, we sort of have an idea in our minds about what it’s worth.

In these 17 cases, people’s radars went off right away – the silly prices they were looking at almost made them laugh.

Now, they’re going to do the same thing for you.

17. They’re literally everywhere.


If there’s any doubt on Diamonds not really having any value. Just look at the resale price.

You won’t get sh%t compared to what you initially paid for it. At first I thought Diamonds were in the same league as Gold, as in actual rare Earth stuff.

Turns out it is just a great case study of controlling supply and advertising to make the big bucks.

16. Seriously, what a racket.

Engagement rings.

15. They should be free.

As someone who is half blind, glasses.

I get the dirt cheap ones, and it still costs over $100 for the privilege of being able to see.

14. It’s criminal.


Discovered over 100 years ago and is now synthetically produced and still is being sold for hundreds or thousands of dollars in many cases.

The drug companies decided they were going to make their gigantic profit margins off life-saving medicine.

I remember when you could get test strips for like $10 over the counter. Now everyone wants a prescription and a wad of cash.

Like I’m never not going to be diabetic, why do I need to keep renewing this prescription…

13. Same with wine at a restaurant.

Bottle service at bars is f**kin stupid…

I’ll just go to a corner liquor store and buy the “4000$ bottle” for like 40…

12. Oooh, tell us more.

As a machinist who has made things for the military, most people don’t understand what overpriced means.

I bid a job for the military and the told me my bid was too low. I added a zero and got the job. Price I initially quoted would have been profitable for me.

11. It is a total waste.


I don’t disagree with wanting the day to be special and memorable, but the industry jacks up the prices if they know it’s a wedding, and there are way more affordable options while still getting to celebrate love and the future.

No reason to break the bank. Use the money saved for even more memories.

10. Wild, but true.

my friend’s father was consulting at Visa (the card company) and he recommended a mutual friend to solve this IT problem and put them in touch. The friend quoted them $1500.00. The company wasn’t interested.

When friend’s father heard about it, he told our friend, “they wanted a $50000 solution, not a $1500 solution.”

9. Is that…a lot?

Nook’s Cranny selling a chess set for 100,000 bells.

8. Don’t look too close.

I don’t remember the exact numbers, but I once knew a guy who worked at a place that made large bolts.

If I remember correctly, they would charge the general public something like $8/bolt and the military $85 for the same exact bolt and they didn’t bat an eye.

There’s so much f**king waste with our military, right down to the nuts and bolts.

7. Time to cut back.

I accidentally bought an illegally imported 4 pack of Juul pods from Canada. I instinctively said mint, knowing they didn’t exist in NY anymore.

Well, he pulled out a hidden pack with French warnings on it. I paid over $10 per pod.

6. And you’ll need a new one in six months.

Gold-plated, diamond-encrusted Nokia cellphone.

5. It is for a reason, but still.

Food in movie theaters. The prices of everything is jacked up so much !!

For the big blockbuster movies, theaters have to give 100% of ticket sales to the studio for like the first 6-8 weeks after release. So theaters actually lose money showing movies.

That’s why they have to charge so much for food and drinks.

4. Souvenir anything is a no-go.

400 Euro t-shirt in a shop in Zurich.

3. Tattoo this on your brain.

Quite a few unnecessary “cloud” subscription services. There’s a lot of them that don’t need recurring costs.

A lot of times you’re not getting anything extra accept maybe a bug fix or upgrade.

You should never have to pay for bug fixes and there was a time if you wanted a major upgrade, you’d just buy it flat out.

2. There’s always a trick.

Bread in Minecraft.

But if you heal zombie villagers.

They’ll give a permanent discount of 1 item for whatever they’re selling.

1. Plus, you know. The guy.

MyPillow. $80 for $10 worth of scrap memory foam in a $1pillow case.

The first time I saw a my pillow ad, I originally thought it was like a comedy sketch and he was advertising HIS own pillow.

Like, just the one pillow that he sleeps with every night, and you could just rent it out or something for a few days.

I’m cracking up, but also thinking some of these things probably ended up selling.

What’s a moment you ran into a price tag that made you guffaw?

Tell us about it in the comments!