17 Things People Say That Will Never Not Be Creepy

There are things that are universally creepy, things that are only creepy to a handful of people but seem normal to others, and then there are the things you just don’t know about you – and that you’re never going to be able to forget once you do.

We’ve got a list of 17 things that creep people out like crazy, so if you like your mind free of eerie things, this if your fair warning to stop.

17. I have to agree.


Probably the worst creatures ever. The females cam even reproduce without males.

Nothing is worse than ticks.

16. You never know what’s in there.

I’m 36. But the closet, and restroom doors in my bedroom need to be closed.

15. We have no idea what’s out there.

Weird deep sea creatures.

14. Your basic nightmare.


They’re freaky, filthy, fast fuckers. They WON’T F**KING DIE either.

They can be big as a matchbox and oh boy if they fly or spawn babies…God help you.

I think I’ll never be not frightened by them.

13. We only know what the victors and rich people told us.

The fact that 97% of the true human history is lost to this day.

Imagine all those struggles, the drama, acts of courage and sacrifice, the battles for survival, the epic last stands, the moving speeches before battles, the tragedies, the miracles!

Thousands and thousands of moments of human glory and heroics forever lost to time cause nobody recorded them…

12. And you just can’t shake it.

Feeling of being watched when I’m alone.

Ya know those times in cartoons in which a character goes into somewhere dark and we can only see their eyes and then we see even more eyes? just replace those cartoon eyes with real human eyes.

11. And you thought dogs couldn’t be creepy.

The video where the dog opens the bathroom door from the inside while standing up.

And that was when the dog thought that he’s home alone.

10. It never goes away.

Hanging my feet or arms over the bed when I sleep, and the dark!!!!

9. I like spiders.


They are great creatures that help balance the number of insects, but they are way too creepy for my liking. Long, spindly legs drop out of nowhere and start squirming in front of my eyes.

This surprise factor combined with its many legs (eight more than I prefer) makes me hate them.

8. You just can’t think about it.

That a dark empire like Jeffrey Epstein’s was able to exist for so long, untouched, and both it’s discovery and publicity came and went faster in media than a celebrity break up and now nobody cares.

7. No getting out of it.

Dying. Not existing, seeing, feeling, smelling, knowing, nothing. Just nonexistent never to exist again.

I spent a long part of my life being suicidal. Basically the entirety of my 20s. Ended up putting a lot of effort into my mental health and have been well for a few years now.

An unexpected side effect is that I truly fear death for the first time in my adult life. It’s a strange thing to adjust to.

6. It’s so delightful, though.

Jumping into the open ocean or lake.

Everything in the ocean is much better at being in the ocean than you are.

5. I still run.

Coming up from the basement with the light closed behind me.

Im 36.

4. Beware your own mind.

I find it creepy how we subconsciously are our own worst enemies.

Someone’s looking at me, well they must be thinking the worst about me.

I made a mistake, well let me think about it repeatedly for the rest of my life to relive my shame.

I’m sleep deprived, well now I’m seeing stuff move in my peripherals, or I’m hearing something is my house haunted.


Just the amount of damage we can do to ourselves, just by not maintaining ourselves. It’s amazing how easy it is for the body to just start shutting down/causing issues.

3. What might be behind you…

Facing an open space in my bed with my back.

I can sleep with my back to a wall or a person a foot or two away but more than that and I get deeply uncomfortable.

2. I mean are we sure there’s nothing in there.

Mannequins, statues, human-like robots, etc.

I’m okay when shopping for clothes because the mannequins are usually blank, human-shaped frames. However when it comes to the wax figures you might see in museums, my anxiety gets turned up to 100. Especially if they are animatronic. I’ll straight up refuse to enter the same room as the thing if it moves.


Had a guy come through my bathroom window when I was showering.

I’m a fully grown man I thought it was one of my brothers or friends f**king with me because we were going fishing shortly I thought one of them showed up early so I open up a shower curtain to see some drugged-out dude grunting and making like zombie type noises flop onto my floor butt naked.

I ran out held the door shut and had my girlfriend called the cops dude was in the shower when the cops arrived.

So now it’s hard for me to have the windows open people suck.

Welp, you can’t say I didn’t warn you, right?

If you’ve got something you can’t stop fearing and it’s not on this list, put it in the comments!