Are acts of vandalism technically illegal? Yes.

Are these specific acts of vandalism technically brilliant? Also yes.

1. What did you expect?

Photo Credit: Imgur: duckshooter

2. Otherwise, people may steal it.

Photo Credit: Reddit: ADano

3. Tell Indiana Jones to steer clear.

4. This would definitely fool me.

5. *mic drop*

Photo Credit: Imgur: duckshooter


Photo Credit: Imgur: fluffwalrus

7. Don’t forget to pivot.

Photo Credit: Reddit: CAPTAIN

8. Aaaaaand now it’s stuck in my head.

Photo Credit: Imgur: duckshooter

9. Even statues need hobbies.

10. An actual evil genius.

11. But he prefers their early stuff better.

Photo Credit: Imgur: duckshooter

12. Fatality!

13. Oh, deer…

Photo Credit: Reddit: Jebrs

14. The world doesn’t have enough monument to Patrick Star.

Photo Credit: Imgur: Aronaf

15. At least they’re honest.

Photo Credit: Imgur: princesszatra

16. Caution: Good vibes.

Photo Credit: Reddit: CubicLugion

17. Sometimes the subtle ones are the best.

Photo Credit: Reddit: CMill28