17 Photos of People Who Are Clever Vandals

Are acts of vandalism technically illegal? Yes.

Are these specific acts of vandalism technically brilliant? Also yes.

1. What did you expect?

Photo Credit: Imgur: duckshooter

2. Otherwise, people may steal it.

Photo Credit: Reddit: ADano

3. Tell Indiana Jones to steer clear.

4. This would definitely fool me.

5. *mic drop*

Photo Credit: Imgur: duckshooter


Photo Credit: Imgur: fluffwalrus

7. Don’t forget to pivot.

Photo Credit: Reddit: CAPTAIN

8. Aaaaaand now it’s stuck in my head.

Photo Credit: Imgur: duckshooter

9. Even statues need hobbies.

10. An actual evil genius.

11. But he prefers their early stuff better.

Photo Credit: Imgur: duckshooter

12. Fatality!

13. Oh, deer…

Photo Credit: Reddit: Jebrs

14. The world doesn’t have enough monument to Patrick Star.

Photo Credit: Imgur: Aronaf

15. At least they’re honest.

Photo Credit: Imgur: princesszatra

16. Caution: Good vibes.

Photo Credit: Reddit: CubicLugion

17. Sometimes the subtle ones are the best.

Photo Credit: Reddit: CMill28