17 Ways People Say You Can Tell Someone Is Going Through A Midlife Crisis

The old standby for people going through those pesky midlife crisis is to buy a new sports car, but what if you can’t afford to go all out like that? Can’t middle class or penny-pinching people freak out about middle age, too?

These 17 people say yes, certainly, and they think these are some ways you can tell exactly what’s going on – even if there’s no snazzy new sports car in the drive.

17. Better? Are we sure?

Trying to start a band, even better if it’s a punk band.

Lol I’m turning 40 in a couple months and was just thinking I should get a band together!

16. Don’t wake them up.

Crying by ourselves after our family has fallen asleep.

15. Not exactly cheap.

Not very typical, but a friends dad got really heavily into Warhammer 40K.

We have a warhammer store in town I always want to poke around in – having given up the hobby almost 23 years ago, but my wife always looks at me when we’re in the area and says ‘we’ve got a kid now, do you want them to go to college or do you want to go into the warhammer store?

14. There are always hidden costs.

At 47, I just started woodworking. In retrospect, it would have been cheaper to just buy the damn sports car.

13. Thanks, I hate it.

To my wife’s dismay, I’ve started mealworm farm. Easy, very little maintenance and cost. Pretty fun to look at the worms and beetles.

The thing is, I have no pets to feed those worms to and the population is exploding.

12. Try a little bit of everything.

For me it was getting into every hobby that I wish I had done in the previous twenty years.

In the last three years: kayaks, mountain bike, disc golf, tabletop wargaming, and gardening.

11. The flip side.

As a lifelong slacker who has gone through job after job and just generally been a permanent hot mess, my mid life crisis seems to be finding joy and peace in having a 9-5 job and health insurance.

10. That sounds about right.

Buying an electric guitar without even knowing how to play.

Then hanging it on the wall in your mancave because you gave up after a couple weeks.

9. You’ll need a back rub.

Black smithing? I’m 40+ and that’s sort of what I did…

8. I would say so.

I just built an arcade machine in my man cave for the friends I no longer get to hang with.

Does that count?

7. That’s super fun, though.

For my parents, it was a remodel of at least 1 room in their house of outdoors every year for the past 20 years.

They seriously spent enough to buy like 2 more houses on remodelling over and over.

6. It has to involve the garage in some way.

I turned part of my garage into a chill spot and set up all the old systems I’ve accumulated over the years; Dreamcast, Saturn, N64, Atari 2600, SNES, etc.

As I finished and sat back at what I created I thought “All ready for me and the boys…when that will be I do not know…”

5. Some cool hobbies.

I got into Muay Thai when I was 39. I’m 46 now and still consistently going. It’s so much fun and you can spend a lifetime growing your skill.

I also got into motorcycles (again) before that. Cool hobby too and much cheaper than cars.

4. A cheaper fancy sports car.

A pre-owned miata, at least that’s what I did

3. Sad, but common.

Being the oldest person in the club and/or cheating with someone younger.

2. So, all of us in 2020.

Getting heavily into making sourdough bread.

1. Same here.

Running, to stay healthy and live for another few years.

I keep telling my husband that I’ll know that he’s having a midlife crisis when he expresses an interest in running a marathon.

Well I guess I’m going to be spying on my neighbors even more closely now!

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