17 Women Recall The Worst Thing A Male “Friend” Said In Their Presence

If there’s one thing my true crime obsession has taught me, it’s that you can never truly know another person – not 100%. You could be related, or you could have been friends for years, but absolutely everyone has secrets they will probably never reveal.

This can be especially scary when you’re a woman in the presence of a man who you thought you could trust – when they say something that chills your blood, you should definitely believe them.

17. I think I’m gonna be sick.

 I work in a male dominated space and they consider me ‘one of the boys’ , aka they talk s**t and without a filter even when i’m around.

The countless number of ugly comments made about women and the amount of pride they hold in cheating on their partners is astounding.

I remember one of them saying “we go for women in their early 20s because they dont know who they are yet and they cant argue back. They are easier to train and mould”. He was dead serious, and i was disgusted.

Rape jokes are very common too. I turned a guy off for commenting on a girls body and he turned around saying “i dont give a f**k, i’ll make sure she takes it” meaning to say “yeah ill rape her”

I remember another time when i walked past two grown a$$ men at the age of my dad and one of them pointing to me and saying “do you want her? let’s take her home”.

16. Oh my god, but WHY?

That he wanted to make a woman fall in love with him, marry her, and then k*ll himself while they were having s^x on their wedding night.

He said he wanted make it so she could never have s^x again without thinking of him.

Me: aight so I’ma head out

15. Insanely creepy.

A colleague of mine at a very large and famous company was talking about his wife after a few drinks and going on about how hot he was. Then he said he would murder her if she ever cheated on him.

I was like you wouldn’t actually murder her would you? And he was dead serious saying yes she would have to die, I would k*ll her.

Our other colleagues (male) were shushing me acting as if me questioning him put me in the wrong. It seemed like people felt his background and beliefs were more important than a woman’s life.

14. Just for the record.

Used to have a cocaine problem.

My “best friend,” the person who usually went to the dealers to get the drugs we used together on a daily basis, once tried to pimp me out to a dealer. Looking back, he had definitely groomed me and gradually pushed boundaries to lead up to this, but one day he said “hey, you know [dealer] thinks you’re really hot right? I bet if you just suck his d*%k or something he would throw us a good amount of free s*%t..”

I was a vulnerable 20 year old girl who was in so much deeper than I ever thought possible, I made the perfect victim. But I still told him he could go suck the guy’s d*%k if he wants free drugs that bad because it sure wasn’t gonna be me.

Also, just for the record, if I’M sucking the d*%k then why are WE getting the drugs??

13. Odd, to be sure.

“You’re worth impregnating”

Made stranger by it being the first thing he said to me that day. Still haven’t figured that one out.

12. I mean what kind of monster…

“I’m not really a big fan of pizza.”

11. It just kept getting worse.

I was in London with a big group of friends when I was a teenager, two of the boys came over to me and said “that guy over there offered to buy you for the weekend, we want you to pretend to be ok with it, and we will rob him”

I was f**king horrified, I hardly knew the boys and this sounded terrifying to me, one of them started getting angry with me and saying I had to because he knew other girls men had tried to do this with, and they needed to learn a lesson.

Still makes my blood run cold, I was 15 by the way.

10. Absolutely gross.

He said this & then I immediately rid him of my life:

“I honestly didn’t care about what he had done to you, I was just listening in hopes you’d cheat on him with me.”

9. Definitely not funny.

“You’re so small, I could overpower you and do whatever I wanted so easily” I was like 18 and my jaw just dropped.

He tried to play it off as the world’s worst joke but we didn’t talk after that.

8. I would hope not.

He made a “joke” about drugging and raping me. I was 15 and he was in his 20s. He said it in a way that made it seem like he was testing the waters and trying to figure out what I’d let him get away with.

It’s safe to say that he was no longer considered a friend after that.

7. NOPE.

I said I was r**ped by my uncle and he said “Lucky uncle”

6. 100% terrifying.

“We’re supposed to be together! I just know it!” As he(rather large man) held me against the wall and forced his tongue my throat while crying.

…….on date #2.

Had to pull the old “Yea! We are! I’m into it, I swear!” Until i could escape safely.

I had roses show up on/in my car. On my front porch. ON MY BED WHEN NOBODY WAS HOME, for weeks. I had to f**king move!

Edit: we were friends for a couple years first.

5. Not a normal response in this argument.

Not exactly a friend, but a buddy from my travel group, when we had an argument about having/not having kids: “If i could, i would imprison you and f**k you until you get pregnant”.

Apparently, in his mind i was insane for not wanting kids when i’m an “interesting person”.

4. Who on earth says that??

I was really close with a male friend, like best friends for years. I confided a traumatic rape incident; his response? “I’d rape you if I didn’t know you like I do and you weren’t putting out”.

We were no longer friends after that day and I was triggered af.

3. That’s an understatement.

“If you were to ever cheat on me, I’d k*ll him first and make you watch, then put your body on top of his and pin you both with a screwdriver through your chest.”

My ex had anger and insecurity issues.

2. I hope this isn’t everyone.

“If you girls knew how guys talk about you when you can’t hear them, you wouldn’t go near us again”.

1. …Why are you thinking about that??

He could sell me because I apparently had the face for it.

Yeah we’re not friends anymore.

Y’all, none of this is ok and I hope all of these women ran for the hills.

Has something like this ever happened to you? If you’re comfortable, tell us the story in the comments!