15 Vintage Cleaning Hacks That Will Still Work Today

Capitalism (and Amazon) have convinced us that there’s a handy product for every scenario – cleaning included – but back in the day folks had to figure out how to tidy and spruce and de-grime their spaces and things on their own.

If you’re looking for cheaper, faster, and effective alternatives to a cabinet full of modern cleaning products, these 15 “vintage” hacks just might do the trick.

15. Stop the shower scum before it starts.

“It prevents scum buildup from dirt and soap, and hard water spots won’t appear for several months.”

14. Don’t dirty your kitchen in the process.

“Tuck a bar of soap in the toe of a nylon stocking and tie it to your outdoor water faucet for fast garden cleanup.”

13. Like steel wool, I imagine.

“Wadded up aluminum foil makes a great kitchen scrubber. Use it to tackle tough stains and baked-on food.”

12. Keep your patio looking beautiful.

“Rust stains from outdoor furniture can be removed from concrete by using lemon juice and rubbing with a soft linen cloth.”

11. If your brass is too brassy…

“Clean it with Worcestershire sauce. It does an unbelievably good job!”

10. Clean your grill with no elbow grease at all.

“Lay a barbecue grill rack on the lawn overnight. The dew will combine with enzymes on the grass to loosen any burned-on grease.

Try it with messy oven racks, too!”

9. No more wrinkled, tangled dress shirts.

“If you button shirt cuffs to the front of a shirt before putting it in the washer, the sleeves won’t knot and tangle in the wash.”

8. You don’t have to buy a Swiffer (and all of those refill packs) to dust hard-to-reach places.

“I slip an old sock onto a fly swatter and sew it securely into place. It’s very handy.”

7. If you break glass in the kitchen.

“Clean up slivers of broken glass without hurting yourself by pressing a slice of fresh bread lightly over the area, then immediately disposing of it.”

6. I’m not sure this is any cheaper these days.

“Patent leather handbags and shoes can be quickly brightened with a polish of milk.

Apply with a soft cloth and rub into a shiny new finish.”

5. Wastebaskets get dirty, too.

“If you have a small plastic wastebasket in your bathroom, empty it and use it as a bucket when you clean your bathroom, so it gets cleaned, too.”

4. A brilliant way to wash your walls.

 “Fill a paint roller with your favorite wall washing solution and use a clean paint roller to wash your walls. Rinse with clear water.

It goes much more quickly than sponging.”

3. No chemicals required for a clean microwave.

“Place 1 cup of water and 2 tablespoons of lemon juice or baking soda in a bowl in the microwave.

Heat on high until the mixture boils.

Let steam accumulate on the walls and door of the microwave. Remove the bowl and wipe down the interior.”

2. The hairspray will come right off your mirror.

“Make the glass spotless again by rubbing the mirror with a sponge or cloth soaked in rubbing alcohol.”

1. A sweet suggestion.

“Add a teaspoon of sugar to the lather when you wash them. They’ll clean up easily.”

Y’all, these are so smart!

Which ones are you going to try in your home? If you do, let us know how things turn out!