18 Chads, Stacys, and Karens Weigh in on What It Feels Like to Be Named an Insult

A majority of parents try really, really hard not to name their child something that could be used to tease them, or a name that has a bad connotation for a majority of people. But people who named their kiddos Karen ten, twenty, or thirty years ago (or more) could not have foreseen how the name they so lovingly picked out for their precious bundle would become a ubiquitous internet insult.

But how do the Karens (and Chads and Stacys, et al) feel about their name being synonymous with “terrible” these days?

Here are 18 of them who are ready and willing to tell you.

18. I mean…the name was surely chosen for a reason.

My mom’s name is Karen and a stereotype has never fit a person more.

17. A real Chad dating a real Karen.

Am Karen. I think the memes are hilarious and sometimes, very accurate. I never ask to speak to the manager because irl, I am a manager, and I believe strongly in retail Karma. Side note: I used to date a guy named Chad, who was actually cheating on his gf Bunny with me. He was a real Chad.

16. Just a little salty?

My mom’s name is Karen and she is the sweetest lady on earth and i cannot recall a single time she has ever asked for a manager.

It makes me a little salty.

15. I know a few Karens and they’re all over the board…but some are real Karens.

I had two friends who both have suburban white moms named Karen. Karen 1 drinks wine and Karen 2 posts facebook memes

14. The jokes aren’t going to stop any time soon.

Am a Karen.

I’m also asian so… I don’t immediately fit the stereotype for the jokes to come.

Still get a lot of “gosh Karen, you’re so stupid!” and jokes(hopefully) about me being a bitch.

I think I am nice. 🙁

13. This is allowable.

A friend of mine is both super buff and very nerdy so we just call him a Cherd.

12. She probably had good hair, though.

My old baby sitter is named Becky.

She was a mega bitch. I find it funny

11. It could be worse. Just ask Chad.

As a dude named Kyle I can honestly tell you Im so fucking over the Monster Energy drinks memes

10. He gets by. Also, free jokes!

Chad here.

Never played lacrosse. I’d never be accused of going to the gym on face value alone. My hygiene is quite good…shower every day.

Am also a standup comedian, and the worst part is other comics using your name as a punchline when you’re following them, but I get by.

9. That source seems valid.

I can honestly say my mum most certainly doesn’t ‘got it going on.’ I’m neither popular, hot or a cheerleader. I’m probably closer to being a Karen!

Source: Named Stacey

8. High school is rough for Stacys.

Stacy doesn’t necessarily get insults. She just has to live with the knowledge that her mum is hotter than her

7. He has become what he used to destroy.

My friend is a Chad but it doesn’t bother him.

He was a total Anime nerd back in HS and has two kids with his adorable wife and they are walking Mormon stereotypes.

6. I never thought about this being a thing for Asian ladies.

Am Karen as well. I don’t relate to the Karen memes at all as I am of Asian decent and super shy and introverted. I find the memes hilarious though! The only thing that sucks is I feel like I’m not allowed to complain about anything.

However, I guess I am so Karen that a server at a restaurant forgot an appetizer we ordered, we told him it was fine, and he REPORTED HIMSELF TO HIS MANAGER. Everything was fine! I told him not to worry about it and it was okay!

Manager comes to our table to apologize and I anxiously had to tell her we were good and nothing was wrong. We got free dessert though.

5. She seems pretty chill about the whole thing.

It was weird at first to see my name everywhere, but now…well, I’m a white, middle-aged, upper middle class suburban mom named Karen, so stereotypes exist for a reason, I guess.

4. It’s like Bingo night all the time in this family.

Dad is named Chad, mom is named Karen, and little sister is named Stacy.

My family is painfully aware of their names being used on the internet to the point where we try to see who can find the best insult bonus points if you use it in a appropriate setting.

3. Her grandson teases her why is that adorable?

I’m a white OLD (68) Karen. Always liked my name because it wasn’t terribly common. Now…….it’s funny. My grandson teases me about it.

2. Oh man he definitely hears that deadpan all the time.

I’m a Jake.

Fuck State Farm.

1. How can you not?

One of my best friends names is Aaron.

Ever since key and peele we have called him A-a-Ron.

This is pretty much what I expected. I mean. It’s the internet. What can you do, right?

If you’ve got one of these names, please feel free to chime in below!