18 Fascinating Charts About America

I don’t know about y’all, but I love charts. And graphs, and pie charts, and really any pretty configuration of interesting facts. You can literally make one using any information you’d like, and somehow once it’s all colored and arranged, you want to know what it says.

At least, I hope that’s how you feel, because below we’ve compiled 18 super fun charts that aim to teach you a thing or two about the U.S. of A.

18. House styles across the country.

For the next time you’re browsing Zillow just for fun.

A Visual History of Homes In America
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17. This one, showing elevation levels in the States.

It’s really so much more diverse than you might have thought.

Elevation in the United States
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16. I can’t say I’m surprised, exactly.

It’s kind of shocking to see it visually, though.

This is pretty cool from Visual Capitalist! The biggest employer in each state of the USA.
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15. The bluest blue skies.

They really are big and blue over Texas, y’all.

Which city in the Americas has the bluest sky? [OC]
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14. For those of you interested in actually moving.

Real estate is crazy everywhere, but it’s always crazier in California.

Where real estate prices are rising the fastest in the United States
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13. If you can never quite wrap your mind around latitudes and longitudes.

I know some of these really raised my eyebrows.

A map of North America showing which countries are directly across the ocean
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12. The deadliest highways in America.

Some good information to have before you set off on that next road trip.

The most deadly highways in the United States calculated by traffic fatalities per mile of roadway
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11. Snow day requirements, for the kids in he house.

Or maybe for the teachers, too.

How much snow does it take to cancel school?
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10. Yes, things really have changed.

And not just a little bit, either.

20 Years of Price Changes in the US (Guide to Modern Inflation)
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9. The top 100 most-visited websites.

I definitely had to zoom in on this one.

The top 100 most visited websites in the United States
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8. I really thought Chick-Fil-A would be higher.

Just me?

The Revenue of Fast Food Chains in America
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7. There could be a lot more than 50.

I honestly never knew.

The United States of What If (All Potential States That Came to Vote Passed)
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6. The cultures within states and regions.

No, we’re not all the same.

Guide to the cultural regions of America
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5. The state highway designs at a glance.

I told you these would be both random and fascinating!

America’s state highway sign designs for each state
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4. The classic sandwich choices of every state.

Though as a Missourian, I have no idea where this information came from.

United States of Sandwiches
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3. This is the graph for me.

I will never get tired of urban legends.

The Scariest Urban Legends in Each State of America.
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2. If you need to communicate in American…

Even us natives have a bit of trouble on occasion.

How to Speak American
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1. Life expectancies by state.

You know, in case you’re looking to move.

Life Expectancy in the United States (by state)
byu/FruityandtheBeast incoolguides

There you have it – my visual learners should be super happy!

Which one of these surprised you the most? Tell us in the comments.