18 Food Charts That Might Change the Way You Think About Your Diet

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If there’s one thing I can say that I’ve learned for sure as a woman who has been many different weights at many different times in her life, it’s that diets that require you to deprive yourself of everything you love will never work long term.

Human beings want to enjoy our lives, not just live them – with the exception of a few people who would rather be a certain size than enjoy a drink and some dessert with friends, we’re just not going to say no to the “good” stuff our entire lives.

That said, we can shift our belief as far as what’s good and bad, and begin to listen to our bodies and how much they want of any particular food item – and these 18 charts go a long way toward helping people look at food and diet in a different way.

18. Problem number 1? The price.

It should not cost more to eat healthy than to not.


17. Try a few swaps.

You might not even notice!


16. No food is the villain.

Shake the idea that food itself is “good” or “bad,” y’all.


15. Water is life.

It makes more of a difference than you probably realize.


14. Not all fruits are created equal.

Chips are chips, y’all.


13. Calcium is everywhere.

You don’t have to upset your tummy to find it!


12. You don’t have to say goodbye to carbs, y’all.

You can have a lifelong long affair and still be healthy.


11. No contest, really.

You don’t have to say no EVERY time, just MOST of the time.


10. Just a few swapped choices.

And still plenty of “treats.”


9. Still trying to convince my kids they’re all potatoes.

Why do fries have to be so yummy, though?


8. Read labels carefully.

But also just eat the dang thing and take a longer walk later.


7. The fat content is the same.

Make better choices!


6. Fruits are chock full of goodness.

Only some of that goodness is sugar.


5. Maybe just one a day, then.

You don’t have to give them up, just cut back.


4. Don’t put it in the fridge until you’ve got a plan to eat it.

And don’t ignore your nose if something seems off.


3. You’ve gotta stay healthy.

And look how many choices you have!


2. If you want to feel full…

What you eat matters as much as how much you eat.


1. Portions are a huge factor.

So is food quality, though.


Moderation is key! Is there a truer statement out there?

If you’ve found a place where you’re happy with your body and your diet, share your secrets in the comments!