18 Heroic Doggos Whose Stories Might Make Your Eyes Leak

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A dog is a man’s best friend. If you’ve had (or have) a dog, you’ll recognize the truth in that statement – whether they’re cuddling you after a rough spell or simply making you laugh, dogs are heroes every single day. But these 18 dogs went above and beyond the call of duty – though if you know anything about pups, there’s no chance they thought they were doing anything except their job: loving their humans.

Heroically, if necessary.

#18. Tater Tot The Rescued (Turns Rescuer)

Photo Credit: Life With Dogs

This family only had Tater Tot for a few weeks before he freaked out, warning his owner that her son was gravely ill and struggling to breathe.

#17. Mama Of The Year

Photo Credit: Bored Panda

She rescued her pups from a burning house and placed them on the fire truck for safekeeping.

#16. Layka, A Military Dog

Photo Credit: National Geographic

She was shot by an AK-47 four times at point blank range but continued to attack and subdue the insurgent threatening her handler. She survived the shooting and a 7-hour surgery, then was awarded a medal for her service and bravery.

#15. Figo The Service Dog

Photo Credit: The Independent

He saved his blind owner from getting hit by a bus and got clipped and injured himself.

#14. Katy Mae, Full Of Sacrifice

Photo Credit: TDT News

When her owner was attacked by two large dogs, she lay across his neck in order to prevent them from killing him. She sustained several bites herself in the process.

#13. Geo, 8 Months Old

Photo Credit: Daily Mail

This puppy pushed his owner, a little boy named Charlie Riley, out of the path of a bus even though it meant getting hit himself.

#12. Chako The Fighter

Photo Credit: Huffington Post

He took 12 stab wounds while protecting his owner from an abusive partner.

#11. Jack The Cat Lover

Photo Credit: Huffington Post

He chased off two coyotes who had ahold of his cat, Kitty, and saved her life.

#10. A Heck Of A Sniffer

Photo Credit: Reddit

This guy barked for 30 minutes to go outside, insisting even though he had just been out. It turned out he was getting both he and his owner out of a house with a gas leak.

#9. Cross-Species Love

She rescued this tiny baby deer from drowning. How adorable is that?!

#8. A College Graduate

Photo Credit: Reddit

This service dog attended every single class with his owner, and was awarded an honorary degree.

#7. Kelsey, The Human Blanket

Photo Credit: The Independent

Kelsey’s owner slipped and broke his neck, an accident that left him lying helpless and barely clothed in freezing cold weather for over 24 hours. He would have died had his five-year-old Golden not lay on top of him, kept him awake by licking him, and barked for help.

#6. He Has Dreams Of Becoming A Firefighter When He Grows Up…

Photo Credit: YouTube

This pit bull puppy alerted and saved not only the human members of his family when a fire broke out in their house overnight, but he also rescued all five of his canine brothers and sisters, dragging the last terrified pup off the porch when he couldn’t move.

#5. Max The Brave

Photo Credit: The Star

He took 3 bullets during a home invasion in an attempt to protect his owner.

#4. Maggie, The Surrogate Mother

Photo Credit: ABC News

She snuck out of her kennel at night to comfort a crying litter of puppies.

#3. From Feral Dog To Bird-Watcher

Photo Credit: YouTube

Rex was taken in and adopted, then did the same for an injured hummingbird he insisted come home with him and his owner to heal.

#2. China From Argentina

Photo Credit: Argentina News Group

In 2008, China found an abandoned baby girl in a field and carried her back to the warm barn where she was nursing her own puppies. Her family found the baby in the morning and got her medical attention, and China was awarded the Shining World Hero Award for her efforts.

#1. Abbie The Pug

Photo Credit: Dog Shaming

She saved her infant brother when she alerted their mother that the baby had stopped breathing.

h/t: Bored Panda

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