You May Want to Hold off On That Morning Cup of Coffee…At Least Until You Eat Something


I’m in trouble. I mean big, big trouble. I have a really bad habit of drinking quite a bit of coffee every morning and not even thinking about food until noon. Maybe it’s time I change my ways – because apparently it’s bad for your health drink coffee on empty stomach.

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First, it can damage your digestive system. The coffee gets the acids in your stomach moving, and if you have an empty stomach, that acid can damage your stomach lining and cause heartburn and indigestion. Decaf coffee does the same thing, so don’t think you’re cutting any corners when you take it unleaded.

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Second, drinking coffee on an empty stomach can make you shaky and give you pretty serious mood swings. In addition, it can make it hard to focus and make you irritable and anxious.

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You’re also messing with your internal clock when you drink java with no food in your belly. Your internal clock releases a hormone called cortisol when you wake up that is supposed to make you feel alert and energized. And drinking coffee actually decreases your cortisol levels. So a lot of times that morning cup of coffee will backfire and make you feel sleepier.

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The moral of the story? Have something to eat in the morning either before or just after you drink your cup of joe.

Trust me, you’ll feel a whole lot better.

h/t: Business Insider