This Lady Should Win ‘Mom of the Year’ for Crocheting Her Son the Golden Girls for Christmas


Is it too late to submit a vote for “Mother of the Year”? If not, this lady is getting my vote (sorry, Mom). A guy named David Goodwin sent out a tweet about the Christmas present his Mom gave him this year…and it is truly mind-blowing.

Photo Credit: Twitter, callmedgoodz

Just look at that. They’re so…realistic. David’s mom is now Internet famous, and rightly so.

Photo Credit: Twitter, callmedgoodz

And now other family members want more of Mom’s creations.

Photo Credit: Twitter, callmedgoodz

As of right now, David’s mom said the crocheted dolls were a one-time thing, but maybe with enough convincing she’ll change her mind. Come on, David’s mom!!!!

h/t: Mashable