This Guy Asked What Men Would Do If Their Girlfriend Got Them This Horrible Christmas Gift


This is a situation that no one ever wants to find themselves in. A horrific, uncomfortable conundrum that might just tear your life apart.

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We’re not 100% sure that Chris Plug actually received these from his girlfriend for Christmas, but he threw this question out on Twitter to see how the world would react. Take a look.

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That’s right, those are Crocs emblazoned with the likeness of the one and only Guy Fieri, rock star chef. Oh, and the Crocs have flames. Lots of flames. Plug’s question got plenty of responses about what people would do if their girlfriend gave them such a horrendous gift.

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Surprisingly, the verdict is that he should marry his girlfriend immediately. I’m shocked, to be honest. Let’s hope that no one had their Christmas ruined by something like this. The holidays are supposed to be pleasant, after all.

h/t: Distractify