18 LGBTQ Folks Share Their ‘Gayest’ Childhood Photos

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In the world today, we’re hearing a lot more coming out stories with happy endings – stories where parents love and accept their children for who they are no matter what, and want nothing more than for them to be happy in the life that they’re leading.

Which means we’re also getting some amazing pictures of these LGBTQ people in their childhood. These moments, captured forever on film, are likely why their parents weren’t all that shocked at the coming out – they’d literally had years to rehearse their responses.

The images were originally submitted to a blog called Born This Way that provides community for LGBTQ people as they talk about what it was like growing up gay or queer.

#18. “Back when I wanted to be a ‘fixer’ and my wardrobe consisted mainly of cargo pants and dragon T-shirts. I’m currently sitting here in basketball shorts and a Spiderman T-shirt, so I really shouldn’t judge younger me’s fashion sense. I think exactly no one was surprised when I came out.”

Photo Credit: StarBurned

#17. “Think this about sums it up…”

Photo Credit: brandonm28

#16. “Walking and already fabulous.”

Photo Credit: Chris

#15. “1992: I used to build shelves with my dad, but only while wearing my Mickey construction shirt and with stamps on my arms to represent tattoos. Grew up to be very gay.”

Photo Credit: Britt

#14. “My Halloween costume when I was in fifth grade! I wanted to be a girl that year so bad. I was 10… and somehow my family didn’t catch on! Lol.”

Photo Credit: e4fd78b80d

#13. “I’m the sassy lion in the front.”

Photo Credit: akenigsberg

#12. “When I was a little boy, I was allowed to play with dolls. After I came out to my family I asked my mom why she let me and she simply said ‘You wanted them so bad and I wanted to make you happy.’ Clearly from my face you can tell I was happy.”

Photo Credit: jonathanm416a87015

#11. “Here’s my baby lesbian picture circa 1999. I was really hoping my parents would use this as a headshot, I still don’t know why they didn’t.”

Photo Credit: strobertson9

#10. “Me: I’m gay. / Parents: What? No you’re not.”

Photo Credit: justinbreton

#9. “I would vacuum the carpet while wearing this. And I called myself Jeanette. #DragQueenAspirations

Photo Credit: adamlewis

#8. “Me around 4 or 5, dancing to Whitney Houston’s ‘Queen of the Night.’ I still love that song.”

Photo Credit: smeredith89

#7. “What can I say? I have a flair for the dramatics.”

Photo Credit: ANDY

#6. “I brokebacked before Brokeback.”

Photo Credit: ivancommajoseph

#5. “I look so fucking stoked. Transguy who still now wears a leather jacket and killer glasses.”

Photo Credit: ollieow

#4. “I don’t quite remember why I did this, but I mean…I wasn’t mad, check out that smile.”

Photo Credit: marshallamplify

#3. “I’ve always wondered why my parents thought I was gay. Now I know why…”

Photo Credit: tylerl422d13561

#2. “Came across this picture a couple years ago and couldn’t quite believe it. I’ll let it speak for itself. #babybutch”

Photo Credit: maddief4413102cd

#1. “Very embarrassed I wasn’t wearing Andrew Christian briefs.”

Photo Credit: Jon-Michael Poff

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