18 Life Skills That You Can Learn In A Snap

Some skills take a lifetime to acquire and then hone, but there are far more things in life that pretty much anyone can tackle if they have a mind to get it done.

This subreddit is dedicated to posting how-tos for all kinds of situations we encounter on a regular basis, so take a look and see whether or not one of them could help you out today!

18. This is actually really neat.

I’m going to share it with my 5yo.

How to know how much time there is until sunset. from howto

17. What a difference!

Those actually look new.

Thanks to your advice on this sub, I was able to restore my favorite boots! Vinyl repair kit and some Kiwi really did the trick. from howto

16. This only works for a limited time.

Once they’ve actually had soda, you’re done.

How to get your kids to take medicine. from howto

15. Relevant to my interests.

And probably yours too.

Especially if you are anti-hand washing… from howto

14. Just in case.

I mean, we are living in the end times.

How to survive a grenade explosion 🤔 from howto

13. Or you could just ask your neighbor.

Maybe you don’t trust them with your house key.

Watering your plants while on vacation. from howto

12. Don’t do this if you live in California.

Otherwise it could be some cool experiments with your kiddos!

How to make different color camp fire. from howto

11. This can be confusing.

I just call them all cousins.

Explain relatives. from howto

10. In case you’re forgetful.

So, all of us.

Wanted to share this great idea from howto

9. Sorry, I’m not doing that for free.

All of these are nicer than “go piss up a rope” I suppose.

How to say “Sorry, I’m not going that for free” from howto

8. You don’t need to know until you need to know.

So, good thing to have in your back pocket.

How to escape a sinking car from howto

7. Good advice for global warming.

We’re all going to keep getting hotter.

How to know if you have heat stroke. from howto

6. For the apocalypse.

Maybe you’ll survive just a bit longer than the next person.

How to test if a plant is edible from howto

5. It’s not that hard, but…

A refresher is always nice.

Howto boost a car from howto

4. Another good one for the kiddos.

Because we all need to have something that kills 5 or 10 minutes now and again.

How to make hand puppets from howto

3. I mean you never know.

You might one day find yourself in an odd situation.

How to survive falling over a waterfall from howto

2. This is nice and all.

But some people are just never going to learn.

How to correctly reverse park from howto

1. For all you first timers out there.

There is apparently a most efficient way to do it.

If you’ve never shovelled a drive way and happen to have a snow shovel. This is the most efficient way. from howto

Honestly I never would have figured you could hack some of these so easily.

Which of these are you going to try to attempt first? Let us know in the comments!