18 People Admit Something They Have No Sympathy For

As human beings, we’re hard-wired to sympathize with other people. We want to understand other people, we want to try to put ourselves in their shoes, maybe because we want to be helpful whenever possible.

That said, it seems as if most of us have that one thing we just can’t wrap our heads around, and we just really struggle to have sympathy for in other people.

These 18 people are ready to admit what those things are for them.

18. That’s a lot for one ride.

People who take advantage of empathy.

Ugh this dude offered me a ride not that long ago, said if I had some gas money he’d give me a lift. Put like ten bucks in his tank, gave him some cigarettes, then dude goes, “yeah and I’m diabetic, you got any money for food?” So I give him ten bucks because I’m about to go waste money at the bar anyway. Then dude starts smoking rock on the way, so I’m about ready to tuck and roll out of this car if I need to.

We finally get there and dude asks for more money and I say no. Then he asks for five more cigarettes, like dude, you fleeced me already give it a rest. Made sure my wallet, phone, and keys were in my wallet and headed to security at the door.

Compared to the dude who picked me up stumbling on my way home a few weeks before and just said, “I know what that’s like, wanted you to be safe,” I still think I’m never getting in a stranger’s car in the city again.

17. It is hard to feel sorry for them.

People who ignore signs and warnings at zoos and get mauled.

Or people who disregard fences and signs at places like the Grand Canyon.

16. This really burns my britches, too.

television Evangelists who prey on their elderly viewers. “touch the tv with your right hand, and use the phone in your left hand to donate, Jesus will heal you” BULLSHIT!

Those televangelists follow the model of “prosperity gospel” in which they believe that wealth is a sign of God’s favor, and that by simply believing and praying for money—in addition to donating copious amounts of money to various Christian ministries—is what will take you there.

Last week one of those bastards claimed that Jesus hasn’t come back, because THEY DIDN’T GIVE HIM ENOUGH MONEY!

15. Play stupid games…

People who taunt animals and then get bit.

Every time I hear about one of those stories I’m reminded of the Chris Rock line.

Chris Rock on Siegfried and Roy – Everybody’s saying that tiger went crazy. That tiger ain’t go crazy; that tiger went tiger! You know when he was really crazy? When he was riding around on a unicycle with a Hitler helmet on!

14. Only the most vulnerable ask for their help.

I feel the same way about psychics for the same reason. People have literally gone on National TV and made up crap like telling parents their children were dead when they were actually alive and said things to people like your loved one is waiting for you in the afterlife which made them kill themselves all so they could scam a buck out of vulnerable grieving people by making up powers that don’t exist.

And if you believe psychic powers really exist go claim the million dollar prize from the Randi Foundation and prove you have real abilities in scientifically testable conditions which control for centuries old charlatan’s tricks

Really anybody who exploits vulnerable people at their lowest to scam them out of money falls into this category for me

13. Even if it’s a cycle.

Abusive parents.

Some people just shouldn’t be parents. My husband’s aunt who lives next door to us is “friends” (I think she communicates with them to keep a close eye on their children) with a couple who absolutely have no business being parents at all. So, like once a week they bring their 3 year old over to stay the night with her and auntie has to detangle and delouse the kids hair every time. They don’t bathe her. I don’t think they ever bathe themselves.

Both are very selfish and malipulative. Mom gets off by telling people morbid stories about child abduction and other horrible things she sees on the news, and constantly shares child murder news stories on Facebook. She knows I’m super sensitive to anything like that, like, I can’t even bear to hear anything closely related to anything happening to a dog or child. I’ve told her this repeatedly and she’ll tell some story anyway and I’ll get upset and she’ll smile and say “oh I forgot.”

Like she gets her jollies from having the power to effect people’s emotions. Dad is the most severely depressed guy I’ve ever met. But he uses pity as a weapon. He’ll declare he’s going to kill himself in front of the kids.

Their son has behavior problems. He just turned 12 and he’s been in trouble for saying he’s going to bring a gun to school and shoot everyone. He steals anything he can get his hands on. He seems to not have remorse or care for anyone’s feelings. I think he might be a little psychopath. His mom told him he makes her want to kill herself. That’s beyond brutal.

They don’t feed these kids meals, just grab some chips, crackers, dry cereal, fast food. 3 year old breastfed until a couple of months ago. I know some mother’s will do that but I think she was too lazy to wean her and didn’t want to deal with her fussing. They eat, just not real food. Their house is disgusting. Their hoarders that grab trash from the curb to bring home.

If the 3 year old is crying or throwing a fit in the car mom doesn’t know how to talk to her and find out what’s really wrong with her, she just wants her to shut up so she’ll stop and buy her candy to make her quiet. That’s how they show love, they just buy them things. The 3 year old stays up until 3 or 4 am and sleeps until 2 or 3 pm. They don’t teach them anything.

They just want them to not bother them. For the record, they don’t physically abuse the kids that we know of, they just shouldn’t be parents.

12. It wasn’t their choice.

Bad parenting. Toxic or cruel or neglecting.

You don’t have to have kids. So love them and do right by them or just don’t have them.

11. There are always consequences.

People who lack any accountability for their actions & decisions.

You should see some of these parents day-in, day-out. They seem so oblivious to the real world and have such a bizarre narrative in addition to their thinking that their kid can do no wrong.

I find it hard to relate to them when we interact waiting for my kids after school or just in the neighborhood in general.

10. Pranks really aren’t funny.

YouTubers that try to prank people for likes…

When I lived in Orange County I met the guy who does the Venice Beach shampoo “prank” (he just pours shampoo on people using the showers on the beach) during jury duty and he was as annoying as one might imagine.

9. It’s not a trump card.

People who abuse family and then try to use the word family to create a cult that you can never leave or disagree with.

Sounds like my brother who is facing felony abuse charges of varying degrees. My wife and I are about to be licensed for foster care and he wonders why I’ve decided that going no contact with him.

He literally picked my niece up and threw her out of his apartment and is lying about it and blaming her. He sucks.

8. And why should we?

Child predators. They are the lowest of the low for preying on innocent children.

As a CO I’ve responded to countless assaults. There’s been a few child molesters that have been bashed pretty badly, I do my job professionally and do everything I can to assist but I can’t help but think to myself “this is nothing compared to what your victim went through”.

7. Sounds personal.

People who pretend they had the strongest relationship with someone who has just died. My dads gf literally lied and said they were married so she could get all of his stuff and sell it.

She didn’t tell anyone he even had kids and at the funeral his kids weren’t even mentioned because everyone wanted to be the center of attention from knowing him.

6. Well I don’t think he should sympathize tbh.

the POS who killed my best friend,

shot him, cut him up and disposed of him in garbage bags, never told authorities or the family where the remains are.

but he likes to crab about how the lack of freedom in prison is “ridiculous”
he was a daddys boy medical student from a rich family

5. Banned for life.

People who lose their minds on planes and abuse staff/passengers should be fined for every hour of time they waste if flight is delayed and never allowed to fly again.

“Air rage is on the rise. So far in 2021, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) received 4,385 reports of unruly passengers. About three-quarters of incidents involved travelers who refused to comply with a federal mask mandate on board.”

Not surprised, just tired of it.

4. Not many of us would.

Animal and child abusers. They can all vanish. I won’t ask questions.

3. Especially if you’ve been on the wrong end of one.

Manipulators in relationships, be it as family members, friends or colleagues.

2. They don’t need our sympathy.

Anyone that gets away with crime just because they have connections.

I got in a car wreck that totaled the car (everyone was fine) but my mom had a panic attack and has PTSD now. We wanted them to pay for the medical bills and the car tow, but they sued us for some bs. And we lost the case.

I should probably mention something very important… THEY WERE DRIVING ON THE WRONG SIDE OF A FREEWAY!!! The only reason they won is because it was a small town in Colorado and they happened to be from there and we were apparently some monsters from Kansas who just wanted to go on a family vacation.

The good news is we’re appealing the case and hopefully this time it will go better. The bad news is it took 3 years for these jerks to send the information our lawyers requested.

1. Definitely don’t do this.

People who cry wolf on something then make real victims less heard.

I think that even if things can be hard to imagine, it’s good for us to try, don’t you think?

What’s something you’d like to have more sympathy for even if you currently don’t? Tell us about it in the comments!