18 People Decide What Sense They Would Give Up For $1 Billion

I think that most of us are pretty attached to all five of our senses, even if we don’t spend a lot of time considering just how much and why on a daily basis. We move through the world expecting our body to react a certain way, and I think it would take quite a bit of getting used to if it suddenly didn’t.

That’s exactly the question these 18 people are answering on Reddit, though – so let’s find out which sense they would trade for money and why. I’m definitely curious!

18. I feel like this could be dangerous.

I’m going to go with Thermoception. I have Reynaud’s so this would actually be a bonus.

I also live in Texas.

17. Sometimes you lose them and get nothing.

Smell, I lost 90% of my sense of smell three years ago. Might as well get paid for the last 10%.

16. Some of us don’t have much to begin with.

My sense of style.

I don’t have a whole lot of it so it wouldn’t affect me much.

15. Everybody is a comedian.

My sense of impending financial ruin would sure be solved with that billion.

I see this as an absolute win!

14. Bumbling is kind of endearing.

I would lose my sense of awareness, and just bumble through life with my new found wealth without worrying about kidnap threats.

13. It’s called anxiety.

My spidey sense, it gets kind of annoying after a while.

12. You make your own time.

Yes. My sense of time.

Because with that much money, I can do what I want.

My sense of time is already non-functioning (it’s there, but it does a terrible job), so this sounds great.

11. Now that’s logic.


That way if you ask me for money, I can’t hear you.

It would suck not being able to listen to music though

10. This would be my last choice.

yes, taste.

no real down side. loss of a pleasure but then no excuses to not eat perfectly healthy.

9. I thought they were connected.

Yes, my sense of smell. Lost it with Covid it sucked but not as much as taste.

For a billion dollars it would be well worth it to me to never smell again.

8. Some people have good reasons.

Please take my hearing and the tinnitus with it

putting it all on bitcoin lets f**king GO

7. That is one thing to consider.

Smelling is also the only one that can be somehow positive to lose.

You hardly get things you can’t avoid watching, seeing, tasting or hearing. But you will regularly find bad-smelling s*%t.

6. OK this is a solid argument, though.

TASTE! 100% taste. 1 Billion? I’ll hire a chef to feed me nothing but the most healthy meals humanly possible and I won’t mind how shitty that would taste as I can’t taste..

increasing my life expectancy so I can spend that 1billon

5. Who knew there were so many?

Are we sticking to the classic 5 senses or any of the scientifically recognised senses? I can’t remember how many there are but it’s in the 20’s.

There is a dedicated sense for detecting itches, I would probably choose that if its an option… Billionaire and never itchy ever again, win win

4. A small price to pay.

Yes. Taste. Without the taste appeal of unhealthy things, itd be so much easier to eat healthy.

Losing taste is a small price to pay for lifelong financial freedom and security for my family.

3. An excellent choice.

id lose my sense of direction – I can pay someone to drive me around instead.

2. They don’t want that anyway.

It’s simple I would lose my sense of touch. I have autism and some thing when I touch them I over stimulate.

The sense of touch can also make me sick it’s weird and hard to explain.

1. Some people are already experts.

Definitely eyesight, 100%!

Already blind, so whats it to me!

Yeah, I don’t know if I could go through with it, even for that much money. It would be tough!

How would you answer this question? Give us your thoughts on the matter down in the comments!