18 People Dish On The Double Standards They Can’t Stand

No matter how much we collectively hate them, double standards are a way of life. That doesn’t mean we should quit talking about them, though, or pointing them out or railing against why they’re so dumb and unfair.

These 18 people aren’t afraid to do just that, and so here are the double standards that make them crazier than most!

18. I hate this so much.

It’s “weird” for me to babysit my nephews or even pick them up from daycare I get weird looks.

I have friends, a married couple, Kristy and Rick. Kristy is Caucasian and has light skin, dark brown hair and blue eyes. Rick is Hispanic with dark skin, brown eyes and black hair. They have a daughter, Leah, who has light skin, blue eyes and medium brown hair. Though she is technically biracial, she passes for Caucasian.

Rick will often take his own daughter out with him to run errands, go to the movies or mall, etc. On several occasions, the police have been called because people think he’s kidnapped his own daughter. He’s actually been hassled by police for this. It’s crazy.

17. Good for you, though.

I got my first job back in late September early October and I loved it, the company was great and it was a very welcoming environment- a few of my coworkers disagreed but this was my first job and I didn’t want to step on anyone’s toes. I work there for about a month all week about 8hr shifts (a few were longer bc it took longer to close) and I start getting pain in my legs/knees.

I push it off as exhaustion/overexertion and keep going thinking that I’m just not used to working this hard, two days later I can’t get up on my own. Thankfully I have two days off so I’m like okay I’ll rotate between icing and heating my knees/legs, doesn’t work. On the day before I go in I call and explain that I can’t walk, but they just got a truck in so I felt bad and went in anyways. Huge mistake.

It makes everything worse even though I’m only scheduled for 2 hours. I keep taking more days off bc if I can’t walk how can they expect me to work? All the while I’m trying to figure out what’s wrong, so I’m not just sitting around doing nothing about it.

My supervisors are getting annoyed with me at this point but I still can’t hardly move.

Everything comes to a head when one day after dinner I attempt to stand up and there is a very sickening crack noise. I collapsed back into my chair bc my legs hurt so badly, that was the night I went to the hospital. Big shock but that didn’t do anything for me. They pretty much tell me I should be fine. I try to go back to work but end up leaving early to go to another ER bc something is wrong.

I get a call from one of my supervisors and I’m told that they don’t accept hospital notes and that I need to come in more. Then later I get another call that they DO accept hospital notes but bc I didn’t bring any in (since I was told they didn’t accept them I didn’t ask for any) they can only assume I’m “self-prescribing” my rest. They also start blaming me for my injury/pain.

I quit on the spot. To this day I can barely walk by myself.

16. Dads aren’t babysitters pass it on.

My husband got this ALL THE TIME when the kids were little.

People were like “Oh, how cute, you’re babysitting the boys for mom today” with a little smile.

He’s like “Umm, no, they’re my kids. I’m parenting them today” and then people would give him the dirty look!

15. Your time is worth something, too.

I have to show up on time for an interview but it’s fine when an interviewer is late (there’s a huge difference between a personal emergency and poor planning).

Got scheduled for an interview once, employer says they would email and text me the location on where the interview would take place for the next day. Waited hours and still no notification. 2 days later the employer called and ask why I didn’t show up for the interview.

I told them they never send the information on where to meet and added I was no longer interested in the position.

14. We love our male babysitters!

Why can’t I, a male in my 20s, be a babysitter? I love kids and am great with them, but exactly zero people take me seriously (no replies back to public ads and zero friends consider it anything more than a joke of an offer).

13. Like pretty much all of them.

Companies doing PSAs for people to not litter and recycle their products when they themselves are producing products that mostly cannot be properly recycled and end up in landfills anyway.

Bonus points for taxes we pay for recycling programs in our cities.

12. Girls can know about cars, too.

I grew raised in a country that does not encourage the use of personal vehicles. There is a lot of public transportation available. As a result, I have very little mechanical expertise.

My white girlfriend, who grew up in the country and whose father is a mechanic, has spent her entire life tinkering with automobiles. When we go to an auto parts store to get something, the salespeople never say anything to her.

Even if they ask me a question and she answers, they continue to talk to me as if she doesn’t exist. It’s unbelievable. They don’t seem to notice her.

She’s gone to job interviews for mechanical jobs where the interviewer asks her extremely simple and dismissive questions because they don’t believe she can understand what they’re asking.

11. It’s for everyone.

Learning how to do girl’s hair. Around my area a man would be called “gay” by doing girl’s hair. I wanna learn and get better at doing my 5yr old daughter’s hair. Nothing extreme, just the regular nice stuff I guess. Braids ponytails n other cool stuff like that.

Men around here only do men’s hair, but women can do both men’s and women’s hair

10. Good for her husband.

This is me (a woman) when I go into a video game store.

Once, a male clerk asked my husband if he could help him.

I said, “I need a small X-Box 360 controller for my small hands.”

He then asked my husband, “What kind of games does she play?”

My husband replied, “She’s right here; you can just ask her directly” or something to that effect.

9. This might be the actual worst.

The “it’s ok and you should be allowed to show your weakness and emotions” but when we do, we are seen as cringey / needy / ‘unmanly’

8. How not to get a job.

I am a manager in a male-dominated STEM field. When I was training a new management staff member, I had him sit in on interviews so he could observe the format.

Everyone I interviewed was a man, and there were some who would direct all of their questions to him instead of me, even when I made it clear that I was the one they’d be working for.

One guy took the cake though, every question I asked, he would answer as if the guy I was training had asked him the questions. He barely even looked in my direction. It’s extremely frustrating.

7. Do as I say.

Management enforcing rules they break all the time.

This is one of the few things I have a problem with where I work. We were told “no more having lunch at your desk, it is messy and unprofessional”. Which is bullshit because I’m capable of eating like a human and not the Tasmanian Devil and I’m fairly certain, no matter your level of “professionalism” you still eat.

Needless to say sometimes it’s the only way you get lunch if you’re busy.

But who do I always see having lunch at their desks? The managers and the boss.

To be a little fair, it doesn’t seem like it’s something anyone actually seems to care to enforce, so I’ve been starting to have snacks at my desk again and slowly building back up to full lunch.

6. It’s really none of your business??

 I groom horses and work on my own clippers. I went to a car parts store for a certain kind of grease. Here’s how that went:

“Hi I need white silicone grease.”

“Well, what do you need that for?”

“For my clippers.”

“I’m not sure what you mean, this is an auto parts store.”

“Yes I’m aware, I called ahead and asked if you had silicone grease and you said you did.”

“Let me speak to my manager.”

Manager: “Well, what do you need that for?”

“Well, we don’t have that.”

I find it on the counter

5. Confirmation bias.

I’m still in awe over the double standard with which people treat the credibility of information. If it confirms their world view, they’re happy to accept extraordinary information from partisan blogs, tabloids, and columnists with no further confirmation.

But if it challenges their worldview, good luck convincing them of anything. I argued with a dude who decided to trust the Washington Examiner’s outright lie about the IRS bank reporting proposal.

I gave him a link to the ACTUAL PROPOSAL published on the Treasury’s website, pointed him to the EXACT page that details the proposal, and he still dismissed the information as partisan deceit.

4. People judge books by their covers all the time.

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover but 1st impressions are everything.

3. Either it’s ok or it’s not.

Being told it is OK to ask questions, and being treated like an inconvenience when you do.

My family gets mad at me when I try to handle things on my own…

But make me feel like an idiot when I reach out for help.

2. Everyone needs to be alone sometimes.

Can’t stay alone for too long.

I understand this in children but I do not in teens, why can’t I take a long shower without having someone think I’m masturbating?

I like the warm water on my skin.

1. Something is going to have to give.

In India, everyone wants signal, but they don’t want mobile/cell towers in their area.

All…the ‘ol NIMBY. That’s a global phenomenon.

Much of the world agrees that we should move to renewable power, but no one wants wind turbines or solar farms near them.

I have to say, I agree with each and every one of these and I wish they would die a horrible death – and quickly!

If your pet peeve of a double standard isn’t on this list, lay it on us in the comments!