18 People Muse On Things That Would Be Infinitely Worse If You Couldn’t See Them

I don’t know about you, but if the number one thing on this list isn’t “spiders” then I’m calling foul.

I mean, I suppose there are tons of things that could arguably be more dangerous if you couldn’t see them, but imagine feeling all of those legs run across you and not being able to find the source – ugh!

These 18 people have some pretty good ideas themselves, and so let’s see what they have to say!

18. There you go.

Invisible spiders.

Then again, as long as they aren’t dangerous, I wouldn’t mind not seeing them anymore. I can live in blissful ignorance.

Although bees and wasps and other stingers being invisible would be a real bitch

17. It’s almost that bad now.

That little x to close mobile ads.

It’s so bad that I got an ad recently that had an easy to see giant ‘close’ button and I sat there looking for an obscure ‘x’ for a few minutes before I realized the close button was real.

16. We’re blissfully ignorant.

Water. Gon be a whole lotta drownings.

No but think of the implications. The ocean’s already scary enough because we don’t know what’s swimming around in there, but wait until we do.

15. They’re definitely scary enough as it is.

Tornadoes. Rain-wrapped is bad enough.

Thank goodness for flying cows, at least they make the threat more visible.

14. That sounds awful.


Imagine trying to hunt for your burrito when you can’t see it once you unwrap it. Ugh.

13. They’ll still get ya.

trailer hitches.

Bad enough walking around your truck and knowing its there.

RIP to everyone’s shin bones.

12. Totally.


If they’re silent also, 100x more terrifying.

11. Definitely would take some getting used to.


There’s a great short story from a children’s book about a boy who gets bitten by a beetle that turns his skin invisible…he eventually goes and lives in a cave for 10 years, when he eats the beetle and it bites him again and turns him back to normal, at which point he returns to society only to find that everybody now has their skin invisible.

Edit: for anyone wondering, it’s called Clear As Mud by Paul Jennings, from his book Undone.

10. Ouch.

The edges of tabletops. You can still see the middle and up to the legs of the table, but you can’t see where the table ends.

My sister has a thing with her eyes, not sure what it’s called in English, but basically she sees double and her brain corrects for it, so she doesn’t really notice.

So this is real for her, she will think she’s past the edge, but nope it’s actually the other one of her eyes that had it right, and her brain trusted the wrong input.

She can do exercises to make her eyes work better together, and she always knows that she’s been slacking for too long, when the amount of bruises increase again.

9. Thanks, I hate it.


Am I driving off a cliff or over a bridge? Find out next time!

8. Reddit is always there to increase your horror.

Hippos, cannot out run them, or swim faster than they run under water.

I learned that today, thank you Reddit.

7. No thank you.


Invisible Fire at a Indy500 Pitstop. Can you imagine the horror?

I wonder of you could see it with some infrared goggles or something.

I mean, immediate reaction should be like that crew, start hosing everyone with extinguishers. But then have someone on the track with the infrared to make sure they got it all.

6. Cat owners are all nodding along.

Cat puke on the floor.

I’m convinced cat puke is invisible until you step in it. Stepping in it activates something and makes it easier to see.

5. Those little tile things are amazing.

Car keys.

Hard enough to find them when I can see them.

4. Nobody wants that.


They are invisible in a social sense, i.e. in the sense that you never see them coming.

It could be your neighbor, a total stranger, your friend, your teacher, your adult kid…

3. How do you know when you’re clean?!

Toilet paper.

That would be f**king weird. Just moving that s*%t stain from a$$ to toilet.

2. We’re all angry now.

Dog s*%t.

Stepping in an invisible, slippery, pile of dog s*%t that you can’t even see. I am already furious thinking about this.

1. Minor PTSD.


Pal most of us get minor-PTSD from hearing that distinctly-pitched mosquito buzzing sound just as it is, now the little blood-suckers are INVISIBLE?

I now definitely don’t want ANY of these things to be invisible, thank you very much.

What would you fear more if you couldn’t see it? If you think something is missing from this list, drop it in the comments!