18 People Recall the Moment They Realized They Were in Too Deep

If there are some truly bad moments in this world, it’s the ones where you realize, without a doubt, that you are in big, big trouble and can’t see a way out of it.

Maybe you could make the argument that these moments aren’t necessarily bad, if you’re talking about falling in love or something, but I don’t know.

18. That’s quite a moment.

The time I was invited by a friend to a “Halloween House Party”

Turns out it was more of a gay/trans “Eyes Wide Shut” type get together that took place in this bizarre mansion. Everyone was in these erotic costumes drinking out of cocktail glasses and I was dressed as Elvis drinking Coors Light.

I knew I was in too deep when within about 8 minutes of arriving I went to get a beer from the kitchen and there was some Freddy Mercury lookin mother f*cker standing there wearing nothing but a spiked collar and a co*k ring on his monster dong.

17. It’s called rock bottom.

I got into shooting heroin in my early 20s. I always knew it would end bad.

But I really didn’t feel “too deep” until I was cuffed and crammed in the back of a police paddy wagon for robbing a convenience store.

I spent three (deserved) years in prison and every day was the definition of “oh man, I really f*cked up here, this sh%t is crazy”

16. Sounds like a fun story.

when i realized i was in a throuple not a friend group.

15. Wow that’s a trip.

I got a PS2 and even though I was over 50 at the time I really got into the Grand Theft Auto games.

I played them so much I ended up straining the ligaments in my wrists and needing steroid shots at the bases of my thumbs.

I couldn’t even hold my toothbrush without great pain.

In the end I had to give the console and games to my grandchildren (not the GTA games) and my thumbs have pretty much been fine ever since, but I really do miss playing video games.

14. This could have been so much worse.

When I was 16 I had a brief online relationship with a 13 year old guy.

We were originally just friends, but he kept dropping little hints that he liked me, and I was so blinded by the desire to be in a relationship (I had never dated anyone before) that I started dating him even though I didn’t even like him in that way.

I didn’t realize how wrong it was until we started exchanging… not really nudes, but very nsfw images of each other. I had a realization of like “I’m 16, why am I dating someone so much younger than me”, and I broke up with him.

We’re still friends today and I’ve apologized to him, and he said it’s totally fine and I don’t need to feel bad about it.

I’m just glad I ended the relationship before things got anymore out of hand.

13. Time to check your diet.

When I went to the doctor with unexplained lower back problems and they told me my liver was being damaged by the high sugar diet I was on and that I was on the verge of having diabetes.

Changed my lifestyle that day.

12. You can be addicted to anything.

I checked and I have 754 days played on Ark Survival Evolved for Xbox, that’s like if you sat on the couch for 2 years straight and played a video game, then I realized that’s not like wasting 2 years of your life on a game it IS wasting 2 years of your life on a game like let me really emphasize here.

I’m not saying I’ve played this game for 2 years like that much time passed since I began, I mean I’ve actually played that many hours over the course of about 5 years.

Omg it’s mind boggling. Straight up gaming addiction.

I have severe anxiety and the game distracts me from it, but it’s now it’s own problem too. I’m def too deep.

11. That’s a bad moment.

When my ex-gf tried to cut me off from my family.

Like “Oh this is abuse isn’t it?”

10. The Simpson’s knows…

Anytime I catch myself thinking of The Simpson’s Ralph sitting on the school bus chuckling and saying “I’m in danger”.

So good.

9. That was a close one.

About ten years ago, a friend and I dropped another friend at an illegal poker game. We were frisked by a guy with two huge guns (holstered, I don’t know guns, they were hand guns), and then had to go through a metal detector. There were two other armed guards with large handguns standing near the table, and yet another super large bouncer type guy sitting down reading a newspaper. So 4, huge, armed dudes. And then a motley crew of players sitting around this table way in the back.

As we enter, the room lights up and everyone is like BOBBY AYEEE and our friend is like, the most beloved dude in the room, and the tension is ok.

He goes off to the table and my other friend and I go over to the bar where a…super coked up? Woman comes over and offers us drinks. We go to pay and the big guy sitting down comes over and gently takes my wallet out of my hand and puts it in my breast pocket like “no, that would be illegal, we don’t have a liquor license.” With a look like “hey, it’s free, just drink free…also I can kill you.”

So…we drink. And then at some point there is an argument between the women / bartender and the same guy slaps the fuck out of her at which point were like “uhhhh we need to gtfo of here” and it was pretty tense just abruptly leaving, and these dudes were like, really skeptical of us “suddenly having to leave.” It was exactly like a movie. Our friend was like nah nah they do really have to go, I’ll take a cab home.

We later found out all / most of those dudes were off duty cops and the building was owned by some old mob guy.

This was Philly. It all checks out.

8. That’s too much for a kid to handle.

I tried to make friends with the quiet kid that was bullied, because I felt bad for her. It worked. She seemed super nice until I realized that she wanted to shoot up her school and her home.

I had to go behind her back and tell my mom and the teacher, but no one would do anything because no one believed me. I was afraid that she’d find out and that I’d get off her good side, and she’d kill me. I begged them in tears to call the police, but no one did. I was the only one keeping her at relaxed.when she got angry.

This was 8th grade. I’m a senior in high school, now. I left the school years ago, but, last I heard, she got counseling, and is “doing well”. Not sure how true that is.

7. The road to recovery starts somewhere.

When I stopped drinking because of a stomach bug and ended up in the ICU from the dt’s.

Yeah, it can happen.

I needed help.

6. Big red flag.

Anytime I start trying to rationalize what I’m doing via the sunk cost fallacy.

Immediate time to reassess what I’m doing.

5. A watershed moment.

In a domestic violence situation, there are so many moments that you can see and sort through in retrospect. The “moment” where my brain said “you need to find a fucking way out of this” happened shortly after we had been married. My family was in Vegas, so we went to join for a couple days. I can/could drink, but that week I was just not into it— like when even one drink makes you sleepy. He was irate and annoyed at this. I didn’t insist on him staying with me all day- I was just going to rest.

He eventually left to go drink and gamble, but ultimately came back after about an hour, and crawled into bed with me. I was groggy and half asleep. He then started grinding against me trying to have sex. I said no, Im really not feeling good. I probably even said “sorry” but I don’t remember. I rolled over, and he kicked me as hard as he could in the center of my back. I fell off the bed, terrified. “You are a f*cking bitch, and you are making this up. You are fine.” I slowly got up and he grabbed me and began raping me. I left my body. I had to pretend I liked it so I did my best. But my body was not my own.

At that point, I knew I had to get out.

4. Jail seems to sober people up.

Got cheated on in a marriage that should have never happened. Young and dumb. I relieved the pain by drinking with friends, which turned into drugs and drinking 24/7, in only a matter of a few months….totally life consuming.

I lost everything, ended up with 2 DUIS in a 6 month span and spent 6 months in jail because of them. I was using cocaine daily, MDMA, alcohol, weed, Xanax and whatever else I could find.

The worst part is how I didn’t even realize how deep I was in, till I was locked up, and watched everything I had be thrown away (new truck, job, apartment, respect) and couldnt do a damn thing about it. All because I couldn’t stand dealing with the pain of what happened. Jail pretty much got me clean, I’m glad it happened.

I’m 3 years sober right now. Still digging my way out of this mess. Trying to get a normal life back. Will never touch another substance. I have likely permanent head issues now, because of all that drug use in such a short period of time.

3. When you stop kidding yourself.

When I realized I wasn’t just bloated and my stomach was actually that big .

2. This is funny.

A few years back two friends and I accidentally got into a season wrap up party for TV show Made in Chelsea.

We had to pretend all night we were producers from Channel 4.

Fortunately I didn’t watch the show, so was easy to lie. Brilliant fun, and an open bar!

1. George Costanza?

Went camping with a group of friends, told them i was night blind as a prank. One of them tripped over and tore a ligament while guiding me.

Started researching night blindness behaviours to make it seem permanently real from here and that’s when i knew i was in too deep.

No one likes to be in over their head. It’s hard to breathe that way!

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