18 People Share Things They Find Super Frustrating

There’s no doubt that there are myriad things in this world that can be frustrating. Some of the are unique to us, others are more universally annoying, and the level of frustration we feel usually depends on what sort of day we’ve had otherwise.

If you’re curious if your frustrations are something other people feel, too, take a look at the first thing that came to mind when these 18 people started venting theirs.

18. Awkward at best.

Asking money back from a friend.

That’s why you never lend money to friends or family. Either make it a gift or don’t give it at all. Debts end friendships faster than hot moms.

17. That will make you rage.

Realizing that the things you did “as a favor” to your supervisor are now part of your regular duties.

And that the new person who is getting paid more to take over extra responsibilities and should be doing them is getting the prize pony treatment.

Oh well.

16. Story of my life.

Having to retrieve the food container from the garbage because you keep forgetting the instructions.

Trying to remember not to throw out the packaging so soon next time and still doing it anyway.

15. It feels pointless.

Savings money for 10 years to buy a home, only to have the prices double in 2 years. Whats the point of working if the money you make dosen’t buy anything important?

When the finish line keeps getting pushed back it’s really hard to give a crap about the race anymore, I feel you.

14. Frustration is an understatement.

Wages not rising with inflation/prices.

Meanwhile, companies have spent years cutting payroll to increase profits.

13. This could make anyone lose it.

When, just as you tap/click on a link/button on a touchscreen device, something else loads, moves the button, and you tap/click something else in its place. Bonus if something like “submit” gets moved and you end up selecting “cancel”…

12. Having to keep getting comfortable.

Pouring a glass of tea then realizing you are hungry so you make a plate of leftovers and pop it in the microwave and when it’s done you grab your plate and go sit down only to realize you forgot to grab your tea so you go grab your tea and pick up your plate again but then you have no fork either…

So you go get a fork then go back to your plate, finally you sit down and get comfy only to realize you can’t browse TV because your remote is on a different table…

11. Hello, anxiety.

All the things you think you MUST say to that person… After the conversation is over.

10. It’s exhausting.

Searching for a job. Yes target I’ve been to your career page. No I am not going to buy whatever you are selling (which is usually my PERSONAL INFORMATION). Fuck you for the labyrinth that is trying to speak to a hiring person.

I spent serious time on my resume. Its legible and orderly (If a bit long but that happens in the middle of a career). I am not going to fill out a job history that you’ll never look at.

9. Time for new friends.

Trying to get a word in when someone won’t STFU and let you talk.

Absolutely. Not just frustrating, but mad disrespectful.

8. It shouldn’t be a secret.

How about – trying to get pay/salary information for a job posting.

The overwhelming majority intentionally don’t show the pay range and these companies would rather make you go through 2 or 3 interviews just to find out that they pay is significantly less than you’re making now.

I’d entertain the idea of a new job for more money but no one shows the pay. I’m near the top of the usual pay for my field (which isn’t even that high) and most pay less. But good luck finding that out without wasting days of your time.

If a recruiter calls me then I’ll listen to whatever they want to say as long as they tell me how much the position pays first. But applying online? Crap shoot. Sometimes they’ll tell you the pay during the first interview and sometimes they will only say that the pay is “competitive” and the pay wil be revealed if they send an offer.

7. Play the game.

My boss.

I have an exit interview with my boss sometime in the next week. Tempted to be brutally honest and let him know that he’s like 75% of reason why I’m leaving but the company most likely won’t do anything about it.

Then my boss could make getting a new job difficult if they need a reference from him so I’ll probably just play the political game and just walk away.

6. Getting old is rough.

when you know what you’re trying to say but just can’t remember the name of it.

5. Silence is golden.

Being put on hold during an important phone call and having to listen to shitty music.

I also hate the reminder every 15 seconds that they “appreciate my patience and my call will be taken in the order it was received.”

4. It makes you start to sweat.

You ever spend an eternity trying to clasp a necklace?

Yep, and then it angrily grabs at the baby hairs at the nape of my neck. I later have to spend a good two or three minutes removing my mangled hair when I take my necklace off for the day 🥴

3. Happens all the time.

When you arrive at the airport and learn that the flight you chose and paid for well in advance has been overbooked and you won’t be allowed on the plane.

Even though the airline may offer various compensations, it’s frustrating when you really need to arrive at your destination on schedule to make your connections and have your plans work out.

2. It shouldn’t be this hard.

At the moment trying to book anything. Appointments for Doctors, Hospitals, contractors and in the UK the basics of trying to get fuel.

Been waiting for a year next week on an initial visit with a psychologist.

1. Waiting to talk.

People that don’t listen then feel the need to interject their opinion. Oh and people in general…

It’s hard to argue with most of these, don’t you think?

If your biggest frustration isn’t on this list, share it with us in the comments!