Is Woman Wrong for Throwing Her Sister’s Tearful Confession Back in Her Face?

Strictly speaking, I’m inclined to think that throwing anything in someone’s face after they trusted you is the wrong thing to do. That said, there have been many times when these Am I The A$$hole posts caught me off-guard with the details, so maybe we should hear her out first, huh?

This woman and her sister grew up close, but since her sister got married and began to have children, while OP has struggled with fertility, things have been more strained.

AITA for throwing my sister’s confession of regretting her kids in her face?

I (32f) was close to my sister (34f) most of my life. But our adult relationship has been tough. My sister has five kids with her husband. The youngest was born in February of last year. I have been trying to conceive with my husband for 8 years now. I knew I had fertility issues prior but it has been heartbreaking trying to have a baby and being unsuccessful. We have been open with our families about our struggles and most people are really kind and supportive but my sister has been… I don’t know how to describe it.

Ever since her first pregnancy she has told me about how she didn’t want to be a mom, how she was considering abortion and every time I would support her. And then she would have her babies and she would admit regretting not aborting them. She would say her husband wanted the kids and she knew it would ruin their marriage so she had them and would fake it. She never stopped confiding in me. Even when I asked her to. I told her it was a hard topic for me to be involved in while I was struggling. She would act like I never said anything.

Then a few weeks ago my parents told me they had saved some money for my husband and I to help us have a baby. I thanked them, they said they hoped it could bring us the luck we needed. My sister was there and maybe she was jealous or something because she started joking that my husband and I just needed to have sex and how easy it is to have a baby and then she joked that I must not be a real woman if I can’t get pregnant. My parents were furious and told her it was a nasty thing to say and well, they scolded her. But then she said I would be a shitty mom and that’s why the universe wouldn’t give me a baby and I might have lost it a bit and I told her well at least I wouldn’t regret having my kids after they were born and wouldn’t be thinking I should have had an abortion when they’re already living, breathing babies. She was furious. My parents were shocked.

She called me an asshole and told me she confided in me in confidence and I feel guilty because she did, and because I was the only person who ever knew how she felt and I lashed out in the heat of anger.


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This person, like me, thought at first there would be no winners, here, but as she read was shocked by the things the sister said and did. (2)

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Could the sister have been being low-key nasty the entire time?

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Sadly, OP may be better off without her sister in her life (though what will become of her nieces and nephews then?).

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And yeah, life definitely isn’t fair.

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The sister definitely needs to take a good, long look at herself. Eesh.

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I honestly don’t think OP should have said anything in front of their parents, BUT her sister also gets no sympathy from me and I hope OP rethinks their relationship through all of this.

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