18 Times People Hilariously Used The Totally Wrong Word

Listen, talking is hard, y’all.

English is hard, too, whether it’s your first language or not, and I don’t know about you but the older I get, the more contending with brain fog has become a daily freaking challenge.

Which is why I’m both willing to laugh and sympathize with these 18 people who gave it their best, but chose the totally wrong word in the moment.

18. I am also pro-panda.

How on earth could you be anything else?

I am very pro panda from BoneAppleTea

17. I think they mean “buzzkill.”

What even does bus scale mean?!

"Quit being a bus scale" from BoneAppleTea

16. They sound very dapper.

But I don’t think they would be much help in a fire.

Recycling Fire Distinguishers from BoneAppleTea

15. I wonder what that would look like.

I bet it would smell pretty bad, though.

Don’t be a meth attic, mmkay? from BoneAppleTea

14. The word “uterus” is harder to mess up.

I’m just saying.

Computing straight out of the whom from BoneAppleTea

13. Now there’s the spirit!

It’s all about the positive thinking!

I conquer from BoneAppleTea

12. I wouldn’t put all of your eggs in one basket.

The last several years have been quite the disappointment.

Save Year from BoneAppleTea

11. I knew a guy once who called them “chipmonkeys.”

His first language was not English, though.

Alvin and the chick mucks from BoneAppleTea

10. This does not sound right.

I don’t think the church needs any more bad publicity.

Doctoring of the church from BoneAppleTea

9. I’m going to say this is a first-language issue.

It’s still a pretty funny substitution, though.

Couldn’t get dinner due to a male function from BoneAppleTea

8. How can you tell that cake doesn’t believe in a higher power?

Or I guess, how could you tell if if didn’t?

Atheistic cake from BoneAppleTea

7. That necklace is neckless!

I wonder if it’s being worn by a ghost.

Neckless from BoneAppleTea

6. Wow, this person knows a lot about angles.

I wonder if they aced geometry.

Angles from BoneAppleTea

5. You do sit on it in a car.

So I guess that sort of makes sense.

Car sit… Stay! Good boy. from BoneAppleTea

4. I can’t stop thinking about this word.

It seems so much more appropriate than the actual word now.

“Trust passing” from BoneAppleTea

3. Oh, you know what they meant.

Enough with the aggressive question mark!

It’s just human air. from BoneAppleTea

2. Ok those are not the same thing at all.

No wonder this person has always preferred whole milk!

Skin Milk from BoneAppleTea

1. IDK my husband says my gut in-stinks are totally wrong.

I don’t know why this one is making me laugh so hard.

Those gut in-stinks from BoneAppleTea

These just crack me up, but listen. I am not laughing at them, because tomorrow it could totally be me.

Has something like this ever happened to you? Tell us the story (because we know you can laugh about it now) in the comments!