18 Times People Just Had to Share What They Found in Secondhand Books

Image Credit: Reddit

There are many reasons people buy secondhand books: maybe they don’t live near a library, or they read too fast to buy them full price, or they enjoy a good deal.

But one of those reasons will always be that reading someone else’s book can be like a little glimpse into their life.

And for these 18 people, that peek turned out to be more than they bargained for… in the best way possible.

18. How utterly charming.

I found this in a 1949 children’s book I bought today
byu/stitch-witchery inForgottenBookmarks

17. I hope she had an extra pair lying around at home.


16. Nope, she’s not giving you the code word!

I found this in a random book on the shelves of a cafe.
byu/Dangjasondang infunny

15. Really lovely work.


14. Someone is definitely missing this!


13. Well I mean, money is always a nice surprise.

Found a Little Surprise in the Library Book I Borrowed
byu/jahrom inpics

12. People are so careless with those things!

used bookstore has a wall of forgotten bookmarks
byu/KaiF1SCH inForgottenBookmarks

11. Honestly, probably worth more then than now.

In a vintage Hemingway
byu/cassodragon inFoundPaper

10. I want to know the story of their trip.

A 1970’s plane ticket
byu/PointsGenerator inForgottenBookmarks

9. Aw, I remember when my grandpa gave me one of these.

Found a cool surprise in my library book.
byu/k80k80k80 inpics

8. Kind of makes you feel like you won the lottery!

Nothing like picking up a book and finding a photo (and autograph) of the author inside
byu/jennabunnykins inForgottenBookmarks

7. Oh you guys my heart.


6. I bet they’re so sorry they lost these.

Found tucked between the pages of a secondhand textbook I bought.
byu/HopelessQuantic inFoundPaper

5. I wish I had found this.

My mother found a 108 year old ticket to a fair in an old book being used as a book mark.
byu/The_Law_Giver inmildlyinteresting

4. How utterly adorable.

A message, and a coin.
byu/MissGoldenDragon inForgottenBookmarks

3. I hope they’re as lucky for you as they were for the first person!

This 4 and 5 leaf clover I found in this nearly 200 year old book
byu/sethyy12345 inmildlyinteresting

2. A little piece of history.

My son found a report card from nearly 100 years ago in his library book
byu/Carel16 inmildlyinteresting

1. This one is definitely not as charming as the others.

Dried lizard between my book
byu/MOstred inmildlyinteresting

I can’t wait for my next trip to the used book store… but also I need to go through my own books and make sure there’s nothing embarrassing in there before I donate.

Just in case, right?

How about you? Anything interesting in books you’ve picked up along the way?

Share your finds (and pics) in the comments!