18 Times People Just Had to Share What They Found in Secondhand Books

Image Credit: Reddit

There are many reasons people buy secondhand books: maybe they don’t live near a library, or they read too fast to buy them full price, or they enjoy a good deal.

But one of those reasons will always be that reading someone else’s book can be like a little glimpse into their life.

And for these 18 people, that peek turned out to be more than they bargained for… in the best way possible.

18. How utterly charming.

I found this in a 1949 children’s book I bought today from ForgottenBookmarks

17. I hope she had an extra pair lying around at home.

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16. Nope, she’s not giving you the code word!

I found this in a random book on the shelves of a cafe. from funny

15. Really lovely work.

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14. Someone is definitely missing this!

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13. Well I mean, money is always a nice surprise.

Found a Little Surprise in the Library Book I Borrowed from pics

12. People are so careless with those things!

used bookstore has a wall of forgotten bookmarks from ForgottenBookmarks

11. Honestly, probably worth more then than now.

In a vintage Hemingway from FoundPaper

10. I want to know the story of their trip.

A 1970’s plane ticket from ForgottenBookmarks

9. Aw, I remember when my grandpa gave me one of these.

Found a cool surprise in my library book. from pics

8. Kind of makes you feel like you won the lottery!

Nothing like picking up a book and finding a photo (and autograph) of the author inside from ForgottenBookmarks

7. Oh you guys my heart.

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6. I bet they’re so sorry they lost these.

Found tucked between the pages of a secondhand textbook I bought. from FoundPaper

5. I wish I had found this.

My mother found a 108 year old ticket to a fair in an old book being used as a book mark. from mildlyinteresting

4. How utterly adorable.

A message, and a coin. from ForgottenBookmarks

3. I hope they’re as lucky for you as they were for the first person!

This 4 and 5 leaf clover I found in this nearly 200 year old book from mildlyinteresting

2. A little piece of history.

My son found a report card from nearly 100 years ago in his library book from mildlyinteresting

1. This one is definitely not as charming as the others.

Dried lizard between my book from mildlyinteresting

I can’t wait for my next trip to the used book store… but also I need to go through my own books and make sure there’s nothing embarrassing in there before I donate.

Just in case, right?

How about you? Anything interesting in books you’ve picked up along the way?

Share your finds (and pics) in the comments!