18 Vintage Fast Food Images That Will Spark Your 90s Nostalgia

The 90s were a simpler time, my friends, when parents weren’t terribly worried about what their kids ate, if they came home all day, or whether the playground equipment at McDonald’s was “safe.”

If any or all of that brings to mind your childhood, then these 18 images of “vintage” fast food spots and meals is sure to having you lost in the past.

18. This is very odd.

But surely went over our heads as kids.

17. Where you went to cash in your BookIt wins.

Those precious little stars turned into pizza.

16. If only this were still a thing.

We’d all be saving a bundle these days.

15. They had the best tag lines.

Although I think we can all agree the Quarter Pounder has vastly improved as of late.

14. The toys used to be so much better.

There’s no arguing that point.

13. Oh my gosh the moon-faced guy!

And those vintage fry and cup wrappers. Eek!

12. This is just so sweet.

I call my kiddos “small fries” still.

11. I mean y’all…it’s a regular hamburger.

This ad is slaying me

10. “Actual size.”

But Burger King was self serve? When was this?

9. The age of the Biggie.

Back when their fries weren’t total disappointments.

8. The King was the coolest.

My dad would only ever take us there for the croissanwiches though.

7. Completely forgot about this place until now.

And the little guy!

6. Do they still have those personal pan pizzas?

I could go for one of those right now.

5. Those were some dang good shortbreads.

Almost as good as Girl Scout’s.

4. This is how long The Simpsons have been a thing.

Still going strong.

3. You might be too old for a Ronald McDonald cake, though.

He is a clown, after all.

2. I have the most vivid memories of looking out from the top of this.

Far after I was too big to be up there, if we’re being honest.

1. This must have been a very short-lived thing.

This 80s baby has no memory of it.

I wish I could go back, just or a day.

And not only because we were there gleefully picking up germs without a care in the world. *sob*