18 Vintage Wrestling Memes for When You’re Feeling Nostalgic

Sweaty bodies flying through the air. Flashy costumes. Muscular men putting other muscular men into intricate chokeholds, or flipping them onto the arena floor.

The truth is, I’ve never watched pro wrestling in my life, but now that I’ve seen these 18 vintage wrestling memes, I want to.

If you’re a long-time fan of pro wrestling, prepare to feel a wave of nostalgia so strong it’ll knock you out.

1. Can you tell us what you saw?

Wait, why were you in the bushes?

2. Some things are just meant to go together.

Milk and cookies. Slimy car salesmen and sh^tty cars.

3. Drop it!

I said drop it! Bad dog!

4. Best impression of a fish I’ve ever seen:

Is that guy gonna be ok?

5. Are all pets pro wrestlers?

Or are all pro wrestlers pets?

6. Last Friday night, yeah, I think we broke the law:

Always say we’re gonna stop, whoa.

7. Confidence is key:

It drives the ladies wild.

8. Every time:

Put ’em up, put ’em up.

9. A moment of true horror:

If this happens to you, run. Run fast.

10. Uhhhh…

If I say yes…will you still give me 5 stars?

11. You got this:

If you enter with confidence, nobody will even realize you were late.

12. Art imitates life:

Life imitates art.

13. I eat books for breakfast:

Take that, literiture!

14. Wait, this guy is really a wrestler?

I’d like to see his signature move.

15. I’m not sure what this has to do with wrestling:

But it’s spot on.

16. I’ve heard about locker room talk:

But never locker room dance.

17. Now THIS is how you make an entrance:

Strut. It. Out.

18. Do the lift!

So romantic.

In a way, pro wrestling is like theater, yeah? All the players wear cool costumes, they feed off the audience’s energy, and everything is highly choreographed.

Are you a long-time pro wrestling fan? Who’s your favorite wrestler? Let us know in the comments.