19 Experiences Everyone Has Had at Least Once in Their Lives

There are some experiences only some people will have because of privilege (or lack thereof) or culture, and there are some experiences only some people will have because of their life choices.

There are some things that human beings experience, though, that are 100% universal (or like 99.99%, if you want to be technically accurate, I suppose), and if you haven’t experienced these 19 things in your life, I promise, you probably will some day.

19. This one kills me.

Because you know it, and sometimes you’ll spend the money anyway.

18. Spoiler alert: they almost always are.

But if they’re not, you might have just saved yourself from being murdered!

17. Hey, as long as you’ve been happy.

Scream the wrong lyrics if you want to.

16. You can’t see them, but you know they’re there.

How they got there, of course, remains a mystery.

15. Good thing we live in a world where we’ve got doctors for that.

And surgeries and glasses and contacts for that, too.

14. The best part is no one TELLS you to smile.

But if you want to, they’ll see it in your eyes!

13. If you’re funny, you’re funny.

Laughter is good for the soul and all of that.

12. Every. Single. Time.

And you argue with yourself while you turn back to check.

11. The best and also the worst.

Because yeah, you’ll definitely be disoriented.

10. It takes focus not to accidentally injure yourself.

Or there’s something way weirder going on, idk I’m not a doctor.

9. How do you know you’re ready otherwise?

Or that the tongs are ready? This is important.

8. None of us would survive in the twenty years ago.

You have to wait for your things AND there was no way to track them.

7. Sonic ice is the best ice.

I will not be taking arguments.

6. It’s the most satisfying thing I can imagine.

Most days. That I can do with my kids at home.

5. We don’t know WHY but we did.

Was it about copying? Not being first or last? Weigh in!

4. And you have that panicked smile on your face.

So many worries.

3. I feel personally called out by this meme.

*sits up straighter* *for now*

2. They’re like transformers.

Or maybe it really is a ghost. You should probably check.

1. The worst is when it’s like 10 minutes before your alarm.

Ugh not enough time for more sleep.

Definitely all of them for me, but I’m already (gulp) middle-aged.

What about you? Would you quibble? Tell us which ones you haven’t experienced (yet) in the comments!