19 Hilarious Attempts by a Brit to Name What States Are Famous For

Image credit: Twitter

I’m not the best at geography.

I know that there’s a town in the UK called Cheddar and they invented the delicious cheese.

I know that Downton Abbey was set in Yorkshire which is north-ish but filmed… somewhere in the middle? Nearish to Stonehenge?

What I’m saying is that I would never attempt to do what Twitter user @human_not_bees did when he went viral for listing the reason he assumed each U.S. state was famous, without turning to Google.

Some on the list, he got fairly accurate.

Others just made me laugh.

Here are some of the funniest ones, starting with the butt of many a joke, Alabama.

Many Twitter users objected to this rather tame characterization of the state, advocating for a saltier description, but there you go.

Arkansas was funny, after all, even their license plate is vaguely boring (The Natural State).

Although I admit to being a little surprised he didn’t have a joke about Bill Clinton.

Next, California. If he ever bought products in the States, I feel like this one could have been a joke about prop 65 warnings.

Colorado has glorious mountains and the Air Force Academy, but, you know, this is the only thing anyone outside the country knows about it.

That’s probably about the time most of the U.S. discovered it too.

Poor Connecticut. I guess that’s what it gets for “connecting” Massachusetts and New York.

I guess @human_not_bees isn’t a Mark Twain fan.

The weird thing is that when I think of Delaware, I think of Joe Biden.

Florida kind of earned this one, to be honest:

And Maryland was a valiant effort.

I think he would have really brought it home by mentioning the flag.

Poor Michigan. It’s funny because it’s true.

I’m not sure if it was part of the joke or not, but Minnesota was a complete fail.

That movie was Fargo, set in North Dakota, the state he’s never heard of.

I think it’s part of the joke, and I think it’s genius.

Montana was pretty funny. I think only Harrison Ford lives there.

And New Hampshire made me laugh, but he’s not wrong.

It was funny the first time, anyway:

Ohio made me laugh because I simply had no idea. I had to Google it.

And he was right!

And I want to know why he knows this!

It made me a little bit sad to think of generations of British school children not playing Oregon Trail in computer class.

And then he pointed out the obvious problem with Rhode Island.

This one made me giggle, I’m sorry friends from Utah.

By Virginia, I think he was just tired of us all.

And finally, West Virginia. Which is basically famous for coal.

@human_not_Bees told Bored Panda that his knowledge came from American entertainment.

“We see enough of it that we learn these things from TV shows and movies. Also, you guys have some pretty cheesy TV that seems very willing to lean into the stereotypes of people and places, so really, you guys did this to yourselves.”

I really want to know more about what our friends in the UK are watching!

Especially since most of my favorite shows seem to be British.

Which of his tweets was your favorite? Did he get your state about right? Tell us in the comments.