19 Things People Think Should Be Vanished From Earth

First of all, thank you for clicking on this post even though I used the word “yeet” in the title. I enjoy pretending I’m cool like the kiddos, and honestly, it’s a word that sometimes really hits the right tone.

Here, we’re talking about the things people think the Earth would be better off without, and honestly, they run the gamut.

Check out these 19 and see what you think!

19. Many relationships would be better off, too.


I think the world would be a much better place without them in my opinion most heartless bosses were narcissistic, controlling manipulative and had 0 consideration.

18. Human beings can be pretty awful.


Abuse of children, abuse of animals, abuse of adults, just f**k abuse!!!!

So many of the world’s problems could be solved if people just didn’t abuse everyone and everything around them.

17. Just stop it already.

Hatred towards others…race, religion, sexual orientation, gender, ect. ect…just complete peace and understanding of other peoples differences…

I am pretty sure we are born with this ability but get taught otherwise throughout our lives.

16. You don’t have to choose.


Both please.

15. Ouch.

Also with hairdressers.

I was never faithful to one and I guarantee that all I’ve been do the same thing! And they even ask questions while cutting!

No I don’t know if it’s too short because without glasses I don’t understand anything.

14. It’s really unfair.

Terminal illnesses affecting kids.

13. That might be a tall order.

All evil.

Great work, cleaning up the world, and the internet

12. There are so many better things to love.


The love of money.

11. There’s always one wise guy.

Probably the ‘R’, just because I think it would be funny to hear people talk about planet Eath.

10. Both are fair requests.

Hate and very stupid people.

9. Oh, just let people have their thing.

people who think astrology shows who you are as a person.

8. Mother Earth has entered the chat.


7. Maybe fear altogether.


Too many are scared by differences of all kinds.
Race, language, looks, religion, values, beliefs……………………..

6. Was it a close second?

Rule 34 art comes in second, but honestly, removing pedophilia in general is better.

5. He’s not asking much.


Also Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia. Both horrific diseases. And also as a bonus I’d love to get rid of required summer work.

That haunted me throughout school and I think it’s unfair to keep giving it. Summer is for fun!!

4. Hard to argue with any of that.

Racism and greed.

And definitely the school board that said feeding children free lunches would “spoil” them!

3. Can we add ticks?

Flies, mosquitos, and cockroaches.

WHAT is the point?!?

2. Not the beer.


1. We would all like to know.


Just what is wrong with these people!?

I’ve got to say, these aren’t terrible ideas for the most part.

Would you go big or small? Let us know in the comments!