17. Pays to Be a Good Kid

“I was playing truth or dare with some friends during lunch in high school. Someone dared me for whatever reason to take my friends inhaler and spray it in another friends ear. I was being stupid and without thought I actually did it. One of the deans in my school was watching across the room and I nearly got suspended for assault. They even had a police office come and talk to me about my actions. I was actually scared shitless because that was my first time ever getting into huge trouble. Luckily the vice principal spared me and didn’t even notify my parents because she knew I was a good kid.”

18. Bikini Zone

“I think my most exciting game of truth or dare was cut down in its prime when a guy dared his girlfriend to flash everyone and then broke down crying because now everyone had seen her bikini zone and he no longer felt special.”

19. Unexpected Twist

“Last year in the middle of class, there was a group of girls playing Truth or Dare. All of a sudden, I hear my name. I look over and they start giggling. One of the girls who I’m friends with walks over, smiles at me, and then tells me that this is just a one time thing, and…she punches me in the dick.”