20 Bangin’ New Skills You Can Learn to Master Just by Watching These YouTube Videos

Image Credit: Pixabay

Gone are the days of searching for the right class or instructor or tearing little paper tabs off an advertisement stuck to a pole – you can learn how to do just about anything by watching videos on YouTube.

I’ve figured out everything from cross stitch to braiding challah, but even I never would have thought about boning up on some of these 20 super-fun skills via the Internet.

#20. How to get stains out of carpets and upholstery

If you’ve got kids or pets or are a human who eats on the sofa, well, this is for all of us.

#19. How to tie a tie

I had to do this when I worked at a fancy restaurant (ugh), but kids with school uniforms and grown men who are going on first job interviews or to dances might be in the dark as well!

#18. How to be a better dancer in “3 easy steps”

A lot of people have anxiety about dancing in public. If that’s you, let this video help change your attitude.

#17. Knitting

I’m totally doing this once my kids are old enough to be trusted with knitting needles.

#16. How to play guitar

You know you’ve wanted to give it a go since you were a teenager. Why not now?

#15. How to whistle with your fingers

This comes in handy when you want to call your dog, catch a cab, or totally impress a room of teenagers. Fact.

#14. How to build a campfire

I mean, the apocalypse is definitely coming, and on the off chance the electrical grid goes along with civilization, this could definitely save your life.

#13. How to survive a shark attack

More applicable if you’re in the ocean often, of course, but you just never know.

#12. How to play the piano (in 4 minutes!!)

Four minutes, people. Come on… you know you quit your lessons as a kid because you didn’t want to practice. Now you have no excuse.

#11. Meditation

If you’re stressed out (and who isn’t), then this will come in handy in no time.

#10. How to unclog a kitchen sink

Plumbers are expensive, and I’m not saying you’ll never need to call one for your kitchen sink again, but you can at least try the easy stuff first and see if it works!

#9. How to find a wick that’s disappeared into your candle

It’s a small thing, but boy can it be frustrating, and who needs that?

#8. Professional bed making

For those mornings when you’re feeling extra fancy.

#7. Calligraphy

A dying art. If this is a hobby you’ve been meaning to pick up, there’s no time like the present!

#6. Coding

This is a skill everyone should know a little about in this day and age, if only to make sure you’re not being taken advantage of when you hire it out.

#5. Speed reading

If you’re like me and own more books than you can probably read in a lifetime, then this skill should definitely be in your arsenal.

#4. How to change a tire 

If you didn’t have an awesome dad like mine who forced this lesson on me as a teen, you need to learn how to do this. It’s important.

#3. How to make perfect hard boiled eggs

Talk about a lesson that will last a lifetime.

#2. How to make balloon animals

Why pay someone to do it at your kid’s next birthday if you can whip out the cool trick yourself?

#1. Basic CPR

Any skill that could save a life is a skill worth learning. Amiright?

My great-grandfather used to say you should learn something new every day. I bet he’d love living in a world where you could learn how to do practically anything you want, every day, free of charge, for the rest of your life.

Let’s make him proud, fam.