20 ‘Bros Being Basic’ Instagram Posts

Photo Credit: Pixabay

Girls being basic has taken the Internet – dare I say, the world – by storm, but now it’s time for the men to shine.

The Bros Being Basic Instagram account is genuinely hilarious, and their posts are simply sublime. So sit back and enjoy a bunch of dudes lampooning the basic girl lifestyle.

1. #BFFS!

2. Booties

3. Get it boys!

4. Not a bad look, tbh

5. Straaaatch!

6. OMG! PSL!

7. Beach time!

8. Eat all the pizza! Drink all the wine! Have all the pets!

9. No water. Just bathtub. Thx.

10. How basic…

11. Bring on FALL!

12. Whoa. Forward much?

13. Dog always with me

14. Nailed it

15. Wheeeeeeee!

16. Get lifted

17. What diet?

18. Treat yoself!

19. Alcoholics

20. Legit rompers

h/t: smosh

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